Family & Consumer Sciences                                                                            

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Students interested in a career in the Food Service industry should select this course in order to acquire the necessary skills for this profession.  The course will focus on baking and pastry, covering quick breads, yeast breads, laminated doughs, cakes, pies and pastries.  Some content on brunches, lunches, soups, salads and sauces will be included.  Students will have the opportunity to market their products by selling them to staff, students and others, primarily at school.  A portfolio of projects will be developed during the course for final review.  This  is a pathway course to  “Culinary Science” at the ROP Center.

Dept:  Family & Consumer Sciences

Satisfies Graduation Requirement:  Electives - Vocational

a-g:   No

Grades:  10, 11, 12

Prerequisites:  None

P/Acc/H/AP:   No

Sites:  THS

Transcript Numbers & Names:  005526 Culinary Arts

Weighted:   No

Total Credits: 10

Term:  Two Semesters (year-long)

Repeat Credit:  Yes

Community College Credit Available: No

Certification:  No

Career Pathway: Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation


This is an introductory course to all areas of Home Economics including: child development and parenting, clothing and textiles, consumer education, family living, foods and nutrition, housing and home management, and leadership development. Computers will be used in units on foods and nutrition and home management.

Dept: Family & Consumer Sciences

Satisfies Graduation Requirement: Electives - Vocational

a-g: No

Grades: 9, 10

Prerequisites: None

P/Acc/H/AP: No

Sites: BHS

Transcript Numbers & Names: 

005513 Life Skills

Weighted: No

Total Credits: 10

Term: Two Semesters (year-long)

Repeat Credit: Yes

Community College Credit Available: No

Certification: No

Career Pathway: