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Date form was received:

4th Annual Brighton Township Fall Festival

Saturday, September 28, 2019


Food and Craft Vendor Entry Form


Business Name:____________________________________________________________

Contact Name:_____________________________________________________________


City:____________________________________ State:________ Zip Code:_____________

Phone Number: _____________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________________________

Website: ___________________________________________________________________

Did you participate in the 2018 Festival? ___________________________________________

Description of item(s) to be sold:



Check Preference:

____________ $50.00 Vending space: 1 space is about 12’X12’ area.

(Checks will be returned to you if you attend festival and for the entire                 length of festival. Checks will be deposited if you do not attend. We do not duplicate vendors. First come basis.)

____________ Additional space needed    Amount?_______________________________

____________ Electric Needed         

                 (First come, first serve- as electricity is limited)

___________Electric NOT Needed

*Check made payable to: Brighton Township. Checks and forms may be dropped off at the Brighton Township Municipal Building: 1300 Brighton Rd. Beaver, PA 15009

2nd Annual Brighton Township Fall Festival

Saturday September 28, 2019

Event Location:         Hardy Field, Tuscarawas Road Brighton Township Beaver PA 15009

Hours:                         3:00-6:00PM

Display Space:         Each vendor will have approximately 12’X12’ Area. More if requested.                                 Tents, Canopies, Tables, Chairs, etc. are the responsibility of the


Check-In Time:         Vendors are welcome to set up any time after Noon the day of the                                         Festival. Vendors will be permitted to unload their vehicles at their    

display location and after unloading will be directed to park their

vehicles in the Hardy Field parking lot.

Check-Out Time:         Vendors are asked to stay the full length the festival and may start to

clean and pack up at 9:00 PM.

To Apply:                 1. Please email Selina Blinn at to confirm

vendor entry and space availability.

 2. Turn in vendor form and refundable check to the Brighton Twp. Municipal Building (1300 Brighton Road Beaver, PA 15009)