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From Ms. Shirley

Reminder regarding dress code after May 25th: Regardless if you have any exams or not or stopping by for “just 5 minutes”, if you are on campus between 7:00 am and 2:40 pm you are required to be in school uniform as school is officially still in session until June 7th. (June 8th half day is a No-Uniform Day).

If not in uniform, please be aware that you can be refused service from any of the faculty or staff members until you come back in proper uniform (you are welcome to borrow from the HS office).

Looking for any HS students to volunteer with a service project from July 13-16:

A maximum of 20 students may volunteer to go up to Loei Province with Ms. Shirley and Fr. John to assist Mahathai Suksa Thabom Primary School (Grades 1-6). Pick up a permission form from Ms. Shirley asap if interested.

Attn Seniors:

Graduation tickets are now available for you to pick up in Ms. Shirley’s office anytime until May 31st. Please ask your parents first who many relatives would like to attend. Each senior may ask for up to 3 complimentary tickets, any extra ones will cost 700 baht.

Peer Tutoring Program:

Attention Juniors:

For those who haven’t paid yet, please pay for your senior shirts (200 baht each)

Attention Seniors & Juniors:

Grade Level Points: