K.Y.T (Ken Yamamoto New Basic Technique


Ken Yamamoto is coming to Madrid and Holland for a K.Y.T Seminar in June. The purpose of K.Y.T is to bring back the body to an anatomically right position. The theme of the seminar will be NEW BASIC.

This technique is very effective and also simple and easy to apply. I always use it in my treatments.

Check this link for more information about Ken Yamamoto: http://www.ken- yamamoto.com/?page_id=5371&lang=en (please go to ‘About us’) You can also see a movie of his work http://www.ken-yamamoto.com/?page_id=5367

Date: June 20 & 21 (Sat & Sun) Price: 250 euro (for 2 days) Place: Van Ostadestraat 385-H, 1074 VX Amsterdam Time: Saturday (20 Jun) 13:30-18:30, Sunday (21 Jun) 10:00-17:00 Contact: Yasu Miyamoto 06-19079449 Email: info@shiatsuyasu.com

***We will use yoga mats, as the use of massage tables is not allowed in the seminar space. Participants don’t need to bring mats/tables.  

      Profile  Ken  Yamamoto         When  I  was  a  university  student,  I  started  studying  about  the  human  body   to  become  a  chiropractor,  while  simultaneously  working  for  a  bonesetter’s   office  in  Japan.  At  23  years  old,  I  opened  the  “Regaining  Health  Centre”  in   Kawasaki  city  in  Kanagawa  prefecture  in  Japan.  I  also  went  to  a  bonesetter’s   training  school,  and  studied  nursing  at  Meguro  medical  school,  Tokyo.   After  this,  I  also  opened  a  bonesetter’s  office.  Immediately  after  graduating   university,  I  was  talking  to  my  schoolmates  about  our  dreams  and  I   declared  that  “I  would  travel  all  over  the  world  as  a  therapist”.  At  that  time,   everybody  who  heard  my  dream  sneered.  But  now,  my  dream  has  come   true,  having  been  invited  as  a  therapist  to  many  countries  such  as  Kenya,   the  Maldives,  Thailand,  Cambodia,  Singapore,  and  the  U.S.A.      Biography   1993  :  Graduated  in  Bachelor  of・Physical  Education,・Tokai   University,  Japan  Obtained  Dip  Ed  (Physical  Education)  for  high  school   instruction.   1993  :  Opened  “Regaining  Health  Centre”   1995  :  Certificate  2  in  “Home  Helper”  Care   1997  :  Japanese  National  Certificate  in  Judo  Therapy  (Bonesetting)  Opened   bone-­‐setting  clinic  with  business  partner.   2000  :  Graduated  in  Nursing  at  ・Meguro  Medical  Association,  Tokyo,  Japan   Began  work  at  a  hospital  orthopedics  clinic  specializing  insacral  bone   therapy,  also  working  at  a  bone-­‐setting  clinic,  as  well  as  working  for  a   nursing  care  service  provider,  opening  my  own  bone-­‐setting  clinic  in   Setagaya-­‐ku,  Tokyo  in  2000.   Present:  Currently  running  4  bone-­‐setting  clinics  in  Tokyo  whilst   touring  internationally  to  cure  people  of  lower  back  pain  and  other  body   problems.