LoiLo Inc. May 2017

LoiLoNote School Cloud Version

IP Address Access Restriction Manual

This manual explains how to restrict log in to LoiLoNote School from unauthorized IP addresses.

Log in from School Administrator Account

Access restrictions can be set up individually for each school. Start by logging in from the School Administrator account which you used to register your Enrollment List.

LoiLoNote School Cloud Version Adminstrator’s Sign In


School Settings

From the main Admin Menu, click on “School Settings”.

Access Restriction

Click on “Access Restriction” to proceed automatically to the settings screen.

Enable Access Restriction

Click on “Enable Access Restriction” to enable access restrictions from your connection source IP address.

List of Connectable IP Addresses

Once Source IP Restriction is enabled, the  Source IP Address Restriction page will display a list of the IP addresses from which your school has permitted login to LoiLoNote School.

The IP address your browser is currently using to access the web console is labeled “Your IP address”.

Add Connectable IP Addresses

Click “Add” to add connectable IP addresses.

Delete connectable IP Addresses

Click on the trash can icon to delete connectable IP addresses.

Disable Access Restriction

Click on “Disable Access Restriction” to disable access restrictions and re-enable login from any IP address.