2.7.1602.1927 - Release notes:

Please refer to the FAQ for general questions on usage:

Supported operating systems

Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10

For hardware and software requirements, see further details here:


Internet connection

Requires Internet connectivity with HTTP / HTTPS port 80/443 open and RTMP port 1935 open

For live streaming on lowest settings, a minimum upload speed of 500 kbps is required

Known limitations:

For a list of bugs being worked on see Known Issues section. For other general known limitations see list below.

Features and improvements

(2.7.1512.1839 -> 2.7.1602.1927)

- XGC-3579 - Allow "dragging" the sliders to adjust microphone and system sound volume

- XGC-3565 - Add a description for the screenshot button in the XSplit Gamecaster HUD

- XGC-3564 - Change "Click the screenshot hotkey..." to "Press the screenshot hotkey..."

- XGC-3555 - Improve stop stream/recording response time

- XGC-3549 - Add Youtube link to default BRB Graphics XSplit links

- XGC-3515 - Disallow highlighting of Eye Tracker value on the Settings Tab

- XGC-3490 - Add overlay for empty root location of recordings and screenshots

- XGC-3485 - Provide Intel RealSense SDK as optional prerequisite during installation

- XGC-3480 - Add capslock warning in register form password fields

- XGC-3459 - Change XSplit icon in login screen connect icons

- XGC-3456 - Limit number of screenshots images to display in the in-game gallery window

- XGC-3455 - Allow keyboard actions for screenshots tab and gallery window

- XGC-3402 - Update recorded file timestamping

- XGC-3355 - Add Timers for Live Streaming and Recording in overlay

- XGC-3052/XGC-2762 - Improvement for long translations

- CPPCORE-980 - Update to latest Intel RealSense SDK r6

- XVE-312 - Include detection on the new KB3099229 MFP patch from the Windows 10 "N" Build 1511 Cumulative Update


(2.7.1512.1839 -> 2.7.1602.1927)

- XGC-3627 - Camera background removal option selected reverts to Original upon relogin when Intel RealSense is selected

- XGC-3619 - Overlay may fail to hook on 32-bit games upon re-login

- XGC-3612 - Overlay not visible in game - Geometry Dash

- XGC-3610 - Facebook account username not automatically updated on the Accounts Tab after successfully authenticating

- XGC-3609 - App permissions are revoked after deauthorizing Facebook

- XGC-3605 - Widget border may be displayed when the overlay is being loaded

- XGC-3603 - Resolution for videos higher than 1080p are displayed as 0x0 on VOD

- XGC-3601 - Chatbox titlebar and settings can be hidden when height is maxed on the overlay

- XGC-3599 - Camera background selected does not revert to "Original" when dropdown is closed and option selected cannot be applied

- XGC-3596 - Unable to detect Tobii eye tracker on some machine/hardware

- XGC-3594 - Microphone volume slider hover effect can be triggered when muted and Microphone value is set to None

- XGC-3584 - Overlay not visible in game - Wolfenstein : The New Order

- XGC-3583 - Game rendering stops when moving the mouse cursor on the overlay - "Hell Yeah!"

- XGC-3581 - Overlay issues when capturing game - Dragon's Dogma Darkness Arisen

- XGC-3577 - Files and folders are not properly displayed when being loaded

- XGC-3574 - Unable to use arrow keys when adding YouTube Tags

- XGC-3572 - Spaces are automatically omitted when adding YouTube Tags

- XGC-3569 - Large space at the right-side of the VOD manager when loaded on thumbnail view

- XGC-3568 - No audio for AVerMedia C875

- XGC-3567 - Screenshot thumbnail is not displayed when filename includes pound sign (#)

- XGC-3566 - "Screenshots" entry on the icon tray context menu does not work

- XGC-3562 - Unable to return to root folder after opening an empty subfolder

- XGC-3561 - Change "Show status label inside the game" to "Show status bar inside the game"

- XGC-3560 - "Use Backup Server" label on the YouTube Live pre-stream window exceeds the space provided when translated

- XGC-3559 - Screenshot growl for invalid characters is not properly themed when translated

- XGC-3556 - Microphone's unmute button does not work on external settings after selecting None and then back or to another microphone device

- XGC-3552 - Unable to set video input type (HDMI/component) and possibly no audio for Hauppauge HD-PVR devices

- XGC-3548 - Hitbox forgot password link doesn’t redirect properly

- XGC-3546 - YouTube video upload may get stuck on request timeout (show proper error message when this happens)

- XGC-3545 - Double clicking on screenshots does not open default image viewer program

- XGC-3543 - Unable to detect MFP after Windows 10 "N" Build 1511 Cumulative Update

- XGC-3542 - Account box dropdown menu and background are misplaced when app is maximized and DPI is set to 125%+

- XGC-3541 - Some dropdown menus on the External Settings window closes when dragged

- XGC-3540 - Overlay controls re-position when "Start stream" is invoked and no streaming service account is authenticated

- XGC-3535 - "cache" and "res" folder may be retained after uninstallation

- XGC-3534 - Eye Tracker's "Cursor type" dropdown value fails to update on languange change

- XGC-3532 - "Allow audio in BRB Mode" is displayed in two lines by default

- XGC-3531 - Several internal exceptions when connecting overlay to game

- XGC-3530 - Some text on the carousel are not completely translated

- XGC-3529 - "Did you know" tooltip covers a bigger part of the Media Editor when translated

- XGC-3526 - Slow loading time of XGC recordings tab

- XGC-3525 - Auto-selected camera device cannot be opened on the overlay; requires to be manually selected

- XGC-3522 - "Enable BRB Graphics" label reaches the button container when translated

- XGC-3521 - "Remove Authorization" exceeds the space provided when translated and Social Network fullname is too long

- XGC-3520 - Azubu account username may not be displayed on the Accounts Tab

- XGC-3519 - High CPU usage after going into "Settings" tab (when no camera is connected)

- XGC-3518 - Twitch chat mod commands received from the Twitch website are displayed as "ACTION" on the chatbox

- XGC-3517 - Long single-word strings are not properly handled on the chatbox

- XGC-3516 - Username placeholder on the Notification Widget fails to update on language change

- XGC-3514 - "Server" value on the Custom Stream Settings window fails to update on language change

- XGC-3512 - Social icons on the login page are misaligned when translated to Japanese

- XGC-3511 - Script tag "<script>" works on text fields

- XGC-3510 - Overlay does not show up on game - River City Super Sports Challenge

- XGC-3507 - TriDef SmartCam link is language key is displayed on the Settings Tab camera dropdown when translated

- XGC-3506 - Images with aspect ratio that are not 16:9 or closer are not handled correctly when on thumbnail view

- XGC-3505 - Embedded file browser on the overlay can select folders as background image or notification audio

- XGC-3504 - TriDef SmartCam link is displayed as language key on the overlay when translated

- XGC-3503 - Unable to interact with camera after closing a modal dialog on the overlay

- XGC-3502 - Unable to stream with VCE. Broadcasting is stuck at "Connecting..."

- XGC-3501 - Screenshot view mode always revert to "List view" upon relogin

- XGC-3496 - Screenshot growls are not properly themed when translated

- XGC-3495 - Camera in-game HUD visibility growl is displayed as "warning"

- XGC-3494 - Screenshot: Social network button clicked does not automatically enable sharing to the selected social network

- XGC-3493 - Exception may occur upon logout if user is currently recording

- XGC-3492 - Codec on the record/stream settings dropdown may display "undefined"; FPS value is missing

- XGC-3489 - Button text translation issue in Tobii settings

- XGC-3488 - OAuth windows can be displayed incorrectly and block the game window even if overlay is not active

- XGC-3487 - Share image window closes / does not popup after authenticating a social network account

- XGC-3486 - Previous dialog opened may be appear when a different dialog is opened

- XGC-3484 - Screenshot gallery re-selects the first image when game lost focus

- XGC-3483 - Screenshot gallery may display the screenshots in incorrect sorting order

- XGC-3478 - Previous streaming service authentication dialog may appear when authenticating to a different service

- XGC-3477 - Container for Dailymotion OAuth window is left open after authenticating via DM Broadcast Options button

- XGC-3475 - Incorrect mouse cursor displayed when hovering over the "Running Time" option on the Settings Tab

- XGC-3474 - AppCrash may occur after authenticating via OAuth window on the Accounts Tab

- XGC-3473 - Sharing images to Social Networks requires custom text/message

- XGC-3472 - Image preview is missing on the Screenshots tab share image dialog

- XGC-3471 - Screenshot : Last social network service replaces the previous one on the share-status dialog

- XGC-3470 - Custom RTMP tooltip messages on the overlay are not aligned with the tooltip icon

- XGC-3469 - Unable to drag images on the Media Editor

- XGC-3468 - Hovering over Azubu's "stream key" input field on the overlay does not change the cursor to text/caret

- XGC-3467 - Camera devices with 16:9 resolutions are initially displayed as 4:3

- XGC-3466 - Incorrect mouse cursor used for clickable text on the custom recording/stream settings dialog

- XGC-3463 - Dailymotion OAuth window does not popup when the DM buttons on the overlay controls are clicked

- XGC-3462 - Azubu input field on the overlay is a little short

- XGC-3461 - Custom RTMP tooltips are misplaced on the overlay

- XGC-3458 - Sorting of images on the screenshots tab is not retained upon relogin

- XGC-3453 - In-game screenshots gallery window is not modal

- XGC-3450 - Annotation freeze image is zoomed in if DPI > 100%

- XGC-3449 - "Locked file" error growl is displayed when saving a screenshot with empty filename on the gallery

- XGC-3446 - Unable to deactivate annotation mode via hotkey

- XGC-3445 - Screenshot folder location on the Screenshots tab may be empty

- XGC-3443 - In-game screenshots gallery may stay open after activating the overlay

- XGC-3440 - Unable to interact with the share status window after sharing and overlay is not active

- XGC-3439 - Username display tooltip is positioned distant from the label

- XGC-3438 - Screenshots from a different game are displayed on gallery

- XGC-3436 - Annotation freeze border may be visible upon enabling annotation mode after taking a screenshot

- XGC-3435 - Extra space below the title bar of overlay dialogs

- XGC-3433 - In-game screenshots gallery fails to load thumbnails and preview if game window name includes a single quote (')

- XGC-3430 - Renamed images are removed from the screenshot gallery after reopening the overlay

- XGC-3428 - Audio video desync on capture cards in Windows 10 when audio device is physically disconnected

 - XGC-3421 - Eye Tracker is still enabled after removing device after application has started; cursor displayed on the middle of the recording/stream

- XGC-3418 - "Password" field for some channels is a bit off with 250 DPI

- XGC-3413 - Unable to interact with External Settings window after deleting ancestor directory of current active folder

- XGC-3412 - Stop Recording and Streaming UI may be displayed simultaneously

- XGC-2908/XGC-2635 - Main application freezes/crashes when Console Viewer become unresponsive (console viewer now runs as a separate proces)

- CPPCORE-984 - Intel RealSense SR300 background segmentation detection fails on some older cameras

- CPPCORE-979 - Street Fighter V is not being captured on Windows 7

- CPPCORE-970 - Issues with Scrap Mechanic (OpenGL)

- CPPCORE-967 - Unable to use VCE on clean install of Windows 10 Build 10586.104

- XVE-314 - Clicking "Undo" after deleting a slice will add the full VOD on the timeline

- XVE-310 - Video Editor overlaps with the taskbar when maximized

- XVE-309 - Videos doesn't work with XVE on Windows 10 Pro N (with MFP)

- XVE-307 - Unable to drag-to-add videos again under certain conditions

- XVE-302 - Seeker is incorrectly offset and doesn't stick to the mouse if it's dragged to the edge

- XVE-301 - Video editor seeker is erratic (may go back and forth) when skipping frames

* Pending verification

Known Issues

Please reference Known Limitations section above for critical or major issues that are currently out of our hands and/or directly related to 3rd party hardware, software or drivers.


- XGC-XXXX - Quicksync encoding for long recordings/streams (4+ hours) can fail or restart on some Ivy bridge and Haswell systems (In version 2.7 , a working fix for Windows 8 and above has been applied, so this issue is now limited only to Windows 7)  


- XGC-3623 - Hotkeys can be triggered while typing custom message on the Notification Widget

- XGC-3613 - Context menu on the VOD Manager and Screenshots tab may change contents repeatedly

- XGC-3582 - Overlay is not centered in game - Spooky's House of Jump Scares

- XGC-3528 - UI takes ~6-8 seconds to react after switching between languages

- XGC-3527 - External settings UI takes ~1-2 seconds before starts reacting

- XGC-3578 - May not be able restore application after minimizing while in Tablet mode

- XGC-3550 - Tobii EyeTracker cursor low fps issue on stream/recording

- XGC-3349 - Unable to use Yuan PD5A0 (camera is not available) on Windows 10 (Issue already reported to Yuan)

- XGC-3224 - The default language of the application must be set depending on the language selected in the installer

- XGC-3079 - Unable to properly control overlay cursor behavior in game - SkyForge

- XGC-2942 - In-Game keys still work when overlay is active - Terraria

- XGC-2886 - NVENC encoder in Windows 8+ can show an error, and intermittently crashes when stream is started (if application memory usage is already high before starting to encode)

- XGC-2879 - Unable to open input method editor inside overlay

- XGC-2769 - Overlay (without capture) can make some games stutter on SLI

- XGC-2690 - Immediate dragging is ignored when form is not currently focused

- XGC-2561 - Unable to control overlay when activated in game (MCEdit) because game doesn’t render/update its user interface

- XGC-2419 - Animated GIF in overlay is not in sync with what is visible in streaming/recording

- CPPCORE-968 - Unable to use application when exe path contains semicolon


- XGC-3624 - Maximum social network name may be displayed in 3 lines

- XGC-3622 - Gear icon for queued chat messages is misaligned

- XGC-3618 - Modal dialog on the External Settings loses modality and may be hidden when the Media Editor is closed

- XGC-3616 - Volume sliders can be adjusted using the right-mouse button

- XGC-3615 - Initial overlay loading screen may get stuck when current app lost focus while loading

- XGC-3563 - Modal dialogs may lose modality when a different dialog is dismissed



- XGC-2662 - Highlighted text are still highlighted when window is inactive

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