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Venue - General information

The workshop will take place in the ‘Plateau Building’, Jozef Plateaustraat 22, situated in the heart of Ghent University’ downtown campus.

From the hotels to the University


From the train stations to the University

The campus is served by 3 bus stops (one in front of the buildings) and 1 tram stop, all on a direct line to the central train station and located within 5-10 minute walking distance from all the tourist highlights of the downtown area.

Workshop location

The talks will be in the Auditorium C (1st floor).

The posters/lunch/group discussions will be in the Atelier 2, next to the Auditorium C.


the lunch will take place in the "Atelier 2", where will be located the posters and the group discussions

Dinner : Restaurant location

The dinner will be held in the Volta restaurant, Nieuwe Wandeling 2b, 9000 Ghent (t. 09/223 55 55, starting at 19:30).