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WVS Frequently Asked Questions

What is WVS?

Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS) is a partner in the Wisconsin Digital Learning Collaborative, a partnership between DPI, Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS), and eSchool Network, Inc. (WEN). WVS partners with school districts throughout the state, to offer online courses to middle and high school students. WVS uncomplicates the process of adding virtual courses to a district’s middle and high school curriculum, providing the content, platform, Wisconsin-certified online teachers, technical support, training, server, online policy development assistance, and much more. With WVS, districts can offer online options to their students with minimal cost and time. Districts retain control of key policy decisions and enrollment.

What Courses are Offered?

Wisconsin Virtual School offers middle, high school, Credit Recovery and Advanced Placement curriculum, using media-rich, high quality, Internet-based content. By partnering with local districts, we help districts extend curriculum, create more options for students, and custom fit programs to district needs.

WVS courses range from core curriculum such as English, science, mathematics and social studies to success-enhancing courses such as life skills and career planning to electives such as foreign language, technology, Phy. Ed. and personal finance. These courses are designed specifically for Internet delivery at the individual learner’s pace. See a detailed list of course offerings at www.wisconsinvirtualschool.org. 

Do Courses Meet Wisconsin Standards?

Yes, WVS core content courses are aligned to state, national, and common core standards. We use Wisconsin content-specific certified teachers, specifically trained to meet our rigorous Internet-based teaching pedagogy and students enjoy quality, one-on-one communication with the teacher.

Why Use Wisconsin Virtual School (WVS)?

WVS courses enable districts to stretch their resources and ensure high quality at the same time. With Wisconsin Virtual School, you can address specific student needs with the ultimate in flexibility.  Advantages of partnering with WVS include:

How Do Students Receive Credit and a Grade for Their Coursework?

The WVS teacher will complete a Grade Report which will be emailed to the LEG.  The LEG/district determines and issues the letter grade, and grants credit according to local district policies.

What are the Timelines for Enrolling In and Completing a Course?

Students may enroll in a WVS course between August 21, 2017 and June 30, 2018. Students are allowed up to five months (20 weeks) to complete a semester course.

What Are the Basic Technical Requirements for Participating? Please review our Computer Technology Readiness for Online Courses for the latest requirements.

What is it Like to Take an Online Course?

An Internet-based approach to learning uses interactive online technology and requires active participation in each course. There are frequent one-on-one communications with the teacher and regular assignments. Online courses provide a rich multimedia environment with engaging, high-quality content for individualized discovery through the learning process.

This dynamic content immerses students in imaginative experiences, using a myriad of learning tools that are unique to an Internet–based format. Students engage in dynamic learning activities and student-selected learning paths, which are multimedia-enforced. Students are able to self-monitor their progress and create multimedia portfolios, in a seamless learning environment, not bound by time and space.

How Do We Get Started?

For more information, call WVS at 715-453-1953, or e-mail us at wvshelpdesk@cesa9.org.