Symposium review, Wednesday, September 10th at Flabob Airport, Jurupa Valley went as scheduled. Patriots were arriving from Orange County as the Loretta Sanchez meeting concluded but met intense traffic on Highway 91.  As a result 8 members were unable to attend including  Robin Hvidston. A total attendance was 18.

 Mickie Taylor and Mrs Taylor  were frolm Ontario and it was their first time attending  a Tea Party discussion.  Christel and James Baca were from Riverside Tea Party and the rest of participants were from We The People Rising.

We started the discussion on petitions on the Riverside Councilman Andy Melendrez Humanitarian Resolution for the children of Central America. Many of the participants felt that Melendrez may revisit and reschedule this resolution in the near future. As a result of this anticipated polticial craftiness of Melendrez it was decided to counteract with a petition.

Also on discussion was the aid of Voters Registration list and to create a committee on any financial matters regarding the issue of Immigration but these two items were not accepted.

Constitutional challenges via the Courts was accepted unanimously and thus giving the birth to a second Symposium. On the second Symposium a panel 3 to 5 Attorneys will be invited to participate.  An open microphone for each Attorney will be needed plus one for speakers in the audience who wish to field a question or a statement. Location is yet to be decided.  Judicial Watch, National Liberty Alliance, Douglas Gibbs, Greg Brittan and Students in near by Law Schools  will be invited and asked to be speakers.  

The Symposium goal is to seek the aid of the speakers as to how we can create a body of own to represent (5) Southern California Counties on the issue of Immigration. For example, to lawfully challenge ordinances, resolution and State bills that are poorly written on the matter of Immigration. These ordinances,  resolutions  and State bills most likely will not withstand Constitutional muster.

Also Judicial Watch is currently in a law suit against U of C based on a tax revolt of its clients.  Judicial Watch is stating that their clients have every right to file a law suit because they are the taxpayers that provide financial assistance to 800 illegal students.

Date of this Symposium will be scheduled the first week January or February.

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