Each child is unique and presents various behaviors or habits that may interfere with his/her ability to benefit from his/her education.  If there are things you are observing in the class that you feel you require tips from the occupational therapist in  your building, please feel free to ask.  Please do not give the therapist the child’s name, but rather approach her by saying, “I have a student who does this, or this.”  The therapist will be happy to provide tools or strategies that may be beneficial.

GENERAL IDEAS- Please see the links provided on the OT website for ideas about sensory tools and grasping patterns.  

For WRITING, please ensure the child’s feet touch the floor (may need a foot rest) and they are able to have good sitting posture (table height is not too high).  The forearm should rest on the table and the paper should be slanted so that his/her forearm is parallel to the edge of the paper.

The link on the website shows how to place a pom-pom in the ring and little fingers to facilitate a tripod grasp.  Remember to encourage the rounded webspace.  Visit the site for images.

If the child is having difficulty managing scissors, s/he may benefit from spring-loaded scissors.  The OT can provide these if needed.  Highlighting the lines to be cut may be helpful as well.

If a child struggles with attention to task/teacher, explore the following options:

If a child is struggling to keep organized, explore the following options: