Field Experience ~ FALL 2015

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Instructor: Jeff Saslow   CRN #12949


GED 7867 ~ Theory to Practice

Type of Experience:

Middle School

Duration, Frequency and Approximate Dates:

15 hours that can be completed anytime between 10/13/2015 and 12/8/2015.  15 hours should be divided up into no less than 3 visits.  

Student Expectations:

Observe and reflect on:

  • Middle School Student development and needs and how these are met in practice
  • Best practices used in the classroom that connect to topics covered during course work

The purpose of this placement is not to gain lesson ideas or participate in instruction, rather gather insight on how all the theory you have been learning about is put into practice on a day to day basis in the classroom where you are placed.  

Host Teacher Involvement:

Complete a final online evaluation of the teacher candidate’s contributions to your classroom environment.

Hamline Supervision:

No direct supervision from Hamline. Professor may make a brief classroom visit.


Will be sent at the end of the semester.

Hamline Contact:

Jeff Saslow

Dana Coleman

Office of Clinical Experience

Hamline University

School of Education