Position:  Panel and Info Session Moderator/Coordinator

This position supports the smooth running of the Panels, Info Sessions and Guest Speaker sessions.  Please review the “General Information” document for a full description of expectations for all InCON volunteers.

This individual will report directly to Courtney Pozzolo - referred to as the ‘Panel/Info Session/ Guest Speaker Coordinator’ (position: Organizing Committee Member - Panel/Info Session/ Guest Speakers)

Panels, Information Sessions and Guest Speaker Sessions will be held in several different areas:  The Craft Room (downstairs, FFC) OR on the Stage (upstairs, FCC).  

Job Description:  

The Moderator/Coordinator will oversee the sessions under this section.  They will be responsible for making sure the space is set up for each session as per the needs of that session.  The Moderator/Coordinator must make sure that the guest(s) are in the room/space when they are supposed to be, and that the attendees are let into the space when it is time.  This individual will do the introduction to the session, including providing an introduction of each guest (provided to them prior to the session).  Depending on the nature of the session, the Moderator/Coordinator may provide assistance to the guest(s) and/or the audience in creating an environment where Q&A flows smoothly and audience participation is controlled appropriately.  The Moderator/Coordinator will work with the MC and will provide announcements regarding upcoming sessions in different areas to ensure attendees are advised of all upcoming sessions.  

Position Requirements:  

This individual must have good organizing skills, great communication skills and be able to speak in front of a crowd.  A small amount of lifting and/or moving tables and chairs may be required.  

This document is a fluid document, being a guideline only.