Children’s Kiva Montessori School

Elementary/Middle School - Board of Directors Meeting

Feb 8, 2016 at 6:00 PM – 25 Beech Street

  1. Call to Order

  1. Roll Call

  1. Vision – Children’s Kiva Montessori School will provide a vibrant and engaging learning environment based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori that supports all students’ academic excellence and ability to become empowered, creative, lifelong learners responsible for themselves, their community, and their environment. 

Mission – Children’s Kiva Montessori School uses authentic Montessori methods, Community-Based educational approaches, and integrated academics (STEAM) to support student academic success, responsibility, and independence.

Montessori Moment – Kathy

Volunteer for next Montessori Moment (TBD at meeting) -

  1. Approval of Previous Minutes

  1. Motion to Adopt Agenda

  1. Community Member Forum: Community members may use this time to speak to the board; three minute time cap please.  For discussion(s) that may take more time please email the board at

  1. Consent Agenda
  2. Discussion with Rob Lee
  1. Make sure that Rob’s understanding of his roles and responsibilities are aligned with the Board’s expectations.
  2. Set out the schedule for staff training.
  3. Develop an action plan to ensure that there are always three adults outside for drop-off and pick-up.
  4. Executive Session for discussion of personnel matters, if required CRS 24-6-402(4)(f).

  1. Reports and Discussions:

  1. Building and Location Committee 
  1. Report on status of our location for next year

  1. Ad Hoc Screening Committee
  1. Report

  1. Discussion regarding target student enrollment numbers for next year

  1. New Business

  1. Shared Board Information

  1. Calendaring
  1. Upcoming events
  1. Event, Date
  1. Next BOD meeting
  1. Date

  1. Status of previous meeting’s action items – Tamia

  1. Review all action items – Tamia

  1. Items for Future Agenda(s) – BOD President

  1. Executive Session – if necessary

  1. Adjournment

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