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Episode 3 – The SAT!?!


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Alert! Alert!

If you haven’t already heard there is a New SAT, which after some research seems to be melding the old SAT with the new Common Core. This “New SAT” will begin being administered next week in March. Yes there are some major changes, but just as with any big test, with the right study and preparation it will be ok. This is some of the biggest change to a test like this that we have seen. Here are some of the changes that you can expect from this new test.

Gone is the vocabulary section! (where you ran into words that you would never see again in your lifetime, but needed to know for the test) Calculators will be allowed during some of the portions of the math section and only 4 answer choices now instead of 5.

Students will also no longer be penalized for guessing, with their rough score equal to the number of answers they get correct, and the overall score has gone back to the old 1600 from the recent 2400.

Some things that shouldn’t be too concerning is the new one being more of a “text-based test” than the previous version, with more dense text in both the reading and math sections. This is also a change that happened with our EOG and EOC tests with the move to Common Core.

One great new feature of the new test is more in depth scoring. The new test will report the students’ strengths and weaknesses, and how they can improve their skills moving forward. With any of the previous versions, you just received the overall score and didn’t really understand what you did well and poorly on.

For those preparing, College Board has teamed up with Khan Academy to create a personalized test prep program for free. Check it out here! 

Here is a helpful breakdown between the old and new test:

Old SAT vs New SAT


Current (New) SAT




Subscore and Cross-test Scores available


3 Hours 34 Minutes

3 Hours (+50min optional essay)


  • Critical Reading:200-800
  • Writing: 200-800
  • Math: 200-800
  • Essay (included in writing score)        

Guessing Penalty

¼ guessing penalty

No guessing penalty


Print Only

Available in print or computer

New SAT Structure

Evidence-Based Reading & Writing



  • 65min Reading section
  • 35mn Writing and Language section
  • 25min No Calculator section
  • 55min Calculator section


  • 52 Questions (Reading)
  • 44 Questions (Writing and Language)
  • 20 Questions (No Calc)
  • 38 Questions (Calculator)

Score Range



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