2016 Six Flags Wild Safari Inv Preview (Overall and by Varsity race)

The Six Flags Wild Safari Inv enters year seven.  We changed the course in 2013 so we could include a stretch of the course along the Asian animals which means the course record holders are Steve Maine (Highland, NJ) 15:39 and Kelly Hayes (Pearl River, NY) 18:12.  This year’s race features teams from 5 states, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey. More than half the teams are from out-of-state, as in the previous years, so everyone gets to race against teams they would normally not see.  Remember, the fastest 7 boys and girls (The All-Six Flags Team) and the fastest boys and girls team get special awards in the park and then go to the fastest ride and cut the line.  This year it is the Kingda Ka.

Both the boys and girls races have outstanding individuals.  Many will compete in different races so we will see who gets pushed enough to run the top time of the day.  On the boy’s side, we have no returnees from last year’s All-Six Flags team.  The fight to make the All-Six Flags team will most likely come from the following:  The fastest returnees from last year, who all ran 16:27, are Chris Corcoran and Derek Barney of (Indian Hills, NJ) and Patrick Walsh (South Amboy, NJ). Walsh was the fastest in the spring at 9:33.68 (3200) with Barney next at 9:38.8.  The favorite for fastest of the day could be Ryan Gallagher (Briarcliff, NY) 9:15.46 (3200).  The other fastest track times from last spring were Tom Holster (Indian Hills, NJ) 4:21.53/9:41.54 (1600/3200), Dylan Serino (North Rockland, NY) 4:23.07/9:42.96 (1600/3200), Aiden Ryan (Trinity, NY) 4:22.94 (1600), Ben Landel (Ramapo, NJ) 4:25.51/9:41.42 (1600/3200) and Ben Woodard (Highland, NJ) 9:41.09 (3200) but there is always at least one surprise.

The fight for the fastest boys team average should be a good one with several good teams. Indian Hills is the heavy favorite.  They are ranked #2 NJ and were 2nd last year and first the year before. There is a shortage of rankings list this year so hard to find any other teams.


The girls meet returns 3 of the All-Six Flags team from last year’s meet.  Sarah Flynn (Ursuline, NY) had the fastest time of all runners at 18:27 and ran 4:48.60/10:07.10 for (1500/3000), Mary Borkowoski was 2nd fastest at 18:34 and ran 4:45.99/10:07.63 (1500/3000), Ariana Gardizy (North Penn) 19:02 was 6th fastest and ran 5:06.46/10:40.69 (1600/3200).  Others to watch for the All-Six Flags team (fastest 7 of the day):  Lili Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 4:36.82 (1500), Olivia Dyer (North Penn, PA) 11:01.89 (3200), Paris Calcagnini (Convent/Sacred Heart, NY) 4:39.13 (1500), Raeann Giannattasio (Colts Neck, NJ) 5:00.21 (1600), Dominique Shulz (Conestoga, PA) 5:07.70/10:35.68 (1600/3000), Angelina Tarabokjia (Kinnelon, NJ) 11:16.34 (3200), Madyson Reilly (Toms River North, NJ) 5:08.01/11:20.09 (1600/3200), Kiera Nealon (Manalapan, NJ) 11:22.75 (3200)

(add 20 secs to 1500 to make 1600 time and 42-43 secs to 3000 to make 3200)

For the girls, we have some great teams. Pearl River, NY won the fastest team average the last 3 years and set the team average record at 19:20.4.  They are back with a very deep team. They are ranked #5 in Class B NY.  North Penn, PA is ranked #7 in all of PA, Toms River North, NJ was #19 last week and ran great last weekend, so they should move up and Red Bank, NJ was #20.  Colts Neck, NJ, who finished ahead of Red Bank in the merge will be tough as well.

We used Jim Lambert’s Star Ledger NJ rankings, Doherty’s NY rankings and PA milesplit.

Let's look at each race and see who the top individual and teams are. The times next to the runners are either their best 2015 spring time or their personal best.

Varsity A

Boys: Dylan Serino (North Rockland, NY) 4:23.07/9:42.96 (1600/3200), Patrick Tuohy (North Rockland, NY) 4:29.67/9:51.02 (1600/3200), Syed Shah (Upper Darby, PA) 4:29.88 (1600), Tosin Ibironke (Smyrna, DE) 4:30.95/9:57.82 (1600/3200), Ricardo Lopez (Kellenberg, NY) 4:30.88 (1600), Cooper Knorr (Manalapan, NJ) 9:57.25 (3200), Jake Robinson (Conestoga, NY) 9:59.37 (3200), William Spector (Manalapan, NJ) 9:59.82 (3200), Patrick Guzlaski (North Rockland, NY) 10:03.23 (3200), Jatneil Lopez (Bayonne, NJ) 4:34.96 (1600).


Teams: North Rockland, NY

Girls: Ariana Gardizy (North Penn, PA) 5:06.46/10:40.69 (1600/3200), Olivia Dyer (North Penn, PA) 11:01.89 (3200), Dominique Shulz (Conestoga, PA) 5:07.70/10:35.68 (1600/3000), Madyson Reilly (Toms River North, NJ) 5:08.01/11:20.09 (1600/3200), Kiera Nealon (Manalapan, NJ) 11:22.75 (3200), Jenna Webb (North Penn, PA) 11:33.36 (3200), Annmarie Shulz (Conestoga, PA) 11:49.34 (3200), Madelyn Rodriguez (New Dorp, NY) 11:11.05 (3000), Erin Fader (Massapequa, NY) 5:05.86 (1500), Jade Tricomy (Toms River North, NJ) 19:01 (5000).

Teams: North Penn, PA; Toms River North, NJ

Varsity B

Boys: Tom Holster (Indian Hills, NJ) 4:21.53/9:41.54 (1600/3200), Derek Barney (Indian Hills, NJ) 9:38.81 (3200), Ben Woodard (Highland, NJ) 9:41.09 (3200), Michael Fillipo (Highland, NJ) 4:29.66 (1600), Joseph Zisa (Wayne Hills, NJ) 9:50.90 (3200), Thurston (Long Beach, NY) 4:33.10 (1600), George Walsh (William Penn, DE) 10:09.64 (3200), Dennil Erazo (Metropolitan Campus, NY) 10:11.61 (3200).

Teams: Indian Hills, NJ

Girls: Nicole Abbondandelo (Huntington, NY) 4:49.0/10:28.47 (1500/3000), Raeann Giannattasio (Colts Neck, NJ) 5:00.21 (1600), Colleen Megerle (Colts Neck, NJ) 5:13.34/11:36.13 (1600/3200), Delia Russo (Colts Neck, NJ) 5:16.90 (1600), Mackenzie Hughes (Academy of Holy Angels, NJ) 11:47.45 (3200), Kate Patalino (Fox Lane) 11:10.38 (3000), Charlotte Cochrane (Red Bank, NJ) 11:57.32 (3200), Catie Anderson (Colts Neck, NJ) 12:00.99 (3200), Lauren Revaitis (Toms River South, NJ) 12:02.70 (3200).

Teams: Red Bank, NJ, Colts Neck, NJ

Varsity C

Boys: Aiden Ryan (Trinity, NY) 4:22.94 (1600), Ben Landel (Ramapo, NJ) 4:25.51/9:41.42 (1600/3200), Eric Schlosser (Parsippany, NJ) 9:49.74 (3200), Sam Noden (Lawrenceville, NJ) 4:29.26 (1600), Ryder Morrello (West Essex, NJ) 9:56.28 (3200), Marcus Trenfield (Lawrenceville, NJ) 10:00.41 (3200), Blake Evans (Alexis Dupont, DE) 10:01.99 (3200), Josh Vencius (Deptford, NJ) 10:07.56 (3200), Grant Gilbert (Manasquan, NJ) 4:34.07 (1600), Ellery Pajagopal (Harrison, NY) 4:35.10 (1600).

Teams: ??

Girls: Mary Borkoski (Pearl River, NY) 4:45.99/10:07.63 (1500/3000), Jessica Schneider (Academy Notre Dame, NY) 5:09.36 (1600), Kaitlyn Harding (Pearl River, NY) 10:50.80 (3000), Emily Murray (McKee, NY) 4:55.82 (1500), Mary Kate Drennan (McKee, NY) 4:57.49 (1500), Jessica McDermott (Pearl River, NY) 4:58.11/11:13.05 (1500/3000), Brona Nielson (Manasquan, NJ) 5:23.05 (1600), Emily Sinisgalli (Mohonasen, NY) 5:05.40 (1500), Christina Fernandez (Parsippany, NJ) 12:08.96 (3200)

Teams: Pearl River, NY (#5 Class B)

Varsity D

Boys: Ryan Gallagher (Briarcliff, NY) 9:15.46 (3200), Antoine Moore, Jr (Walter O’Connell, NY) 4:26.25 (1600), Jean-Christopher Yahia (Pleasantville, NY) 4:29.01 (1600), Dom Boccia (St Peter’s, NY) 4:33.83 (1600), Gabriel Tapia (Leonia, NJ) 10:13.06 (3200).

Teams: ??

Girls: Lily Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 4:36.82 (1500), Sarah Flynn (Ursuline, NY) 4:48.60/10:07.10 (1500/3000), Angelina Tarabokjia (Kinnelon, NJ) 11:16.34 (3200), Madisen Patanella (Mt St Mary, NJ) 11:57.97 (3200), Anna Featherstone (Nazareth, PA) 12:05.35 (3200), Saroja Rio (Briarcliff, NY) 11:18.10 (3000)

Teams: ??

Varsity E

Boys: Patrick Walsh (Perth Amboy, NJ) 4:26.29/9:33.68 (1600/3200), Graham Rainsby (Packer Col, NY) 4:28.01 (1600), Zack Von Reitzenstei (American Studies, NY) 10:02.67.

Teams: ??

Girls: Paris Calcagnini (Convent/Sacred Heart, NY) 4:39.13 (1500), Julia Lawson (Convent/Sacred Heart, NY) 10:42.21 (3000), Natalie Novotni (Sun Valley, PA) 12:07.59 (3200), Abby McCully (Pitman, NJ) 12:14.10

Teams: Packer Collegiate (NY), Convent of the Sacred Heart (NY)