3 points

Beyond Standard

4  points


  • There’s a clear controlling idea, and I’ve stated my opinion (claim).
  • There are multiple pieces of evidence to support controlling idea.
  • One piece of evidence comes from a credible source that supports the controlling idea.

2 of 4 bullets

  • There’s a hook to grab the reader’s attention.
  • There’s a quote in support of the controlling idea.
  • There are suggestions for taking action.
  • There’s a hint about what the next post is about.

Works Cited

  • All sources of information are cited in the post.
  • There’s a header image, and it’s cited where it came from.
  • Additional sources of information and images and/or video are cited.


  • At least three comments.
  • Comment is academic. It’s clear you understand the topic, and have provided specific feedback. The comment promotes some conversation.
  • Comment shows careful thought given to the topic. The comment politely challenges the audience to reflect upon what they’ve written, and possibly respond. The comment promotes conversation.

Writing Conventions:  GUM

  • It’s apparent the writer took time to edit his/her post.
  • The writing is near perfect. There may be mistakes punctuating compound & complex sentences.
  • Quotes are punctuated correctly.