(A Handbook For School Administrators)

Why STEM Festival?

Harmony has a comprehensive approach to STEM education that is not limited to only STEM focused curriculum. In addition to curricular activities such as PBL projects, we also provide many extracurricular activities  for our stakeholders to develop a college-bound STEM culture in our schools. STEM Festival is a signature event to stimulate the interest of our students, parents, and public in STEM. We also celebrate the success of  our students on their STEM projects throughout the year. STEM festival is a reflection of  our main beliefs on STEM education.

Some of Harmony’s beliefs are as follows;

STEM Advocacy:  Harmony targets the entire student body for STEM education and embraces a school-wide STEM approach. STEM is not only for those who have an interest or skill to pursue STEM majors. The “Every Harmony student is a STEM advocate” approach allows students to, regardless of their ability and major interest, engage and experience success with STEM, increase their STEM awareness and become STEM advocates.


Share and Shine: We believe that students become actively engaged in STEM, share their work in collaborative and social settings, and shine through presentations, displays, and competitions. The Harmony STEM Share and Shine approach makes STEM engagement socially desirable for students.

Technology Integration : Harmony STEM employs technology integration to comply with the 21st century standards. Harmony STEM acknowledges the role of technology literacy in mastery of content knowledge, development of scientific inquiry and mathematical processes, and interdisciplinary projects. Students use technology as they conduct their research, communicate and collaborate with others, and present their final products, e.g. video clip, online student portfolio, etc.

STEM Compliance: Harmony complies with national or statewide standards put in place by STEM organizations. Harmony STEM has embraced the T-STEM benchmarks as a powerful framework in developing a school-wide STEM culture. Harmony values and acknowledges the leadership of Educate Texas in STEM Education in Texas.

Important Suggestions

 Note: If you decide to use chromebooks in your science fair event, you may designate a judging room for science fair categories and grade levels. Student groups present their projects in front of judges with their chromebooks connected to to projectors.


i.  Before STEM Festival

For inviting visitors, you may coordinate your PTO and parents . Also, meeting with cluster PR coordinator is highly recommended. Make sure that your cluster superintendent is involved.

ii. STEM Festival Day

 Other Ideas

iii. After the Festival