Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School Homework Expectations

3rd grade

Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School Homework Policy:

The Oakfield-Alabama Elementary School allows our students to shine by making efficient use of time during the school day. Our goal is for families and children to spend time together by participating in a variety of activities, in addition to scholastic ones, in order to develop the total child. Weekly practice will be assigned for students to continue their learning at home. Students are encouraged to set weekly goals for themselves to promote intrinsic motivation. Through the habits of Beginning with the End in Mind and Putting First Things First, students are able to manage time and take responsibility for their own learning.

In Third Grade, we want to make homework as stress free as possible! The homework that will be expected of our third graders will enhance what we teach in the classroom and will be as authentic as possible.


                        EVERY NIGHT! Being fluent in multiplication will

                          absolutely support the more in depth math

                        later in the year. If your child is missing this piece,

                        he/she will struggle in math later on. Practicing on

                        IXL and Xtra Math will also be very beneficial.

ELA:                         Reading with your child, even in  third grade, is highly

                        beneficial. They are still kids soaking up everything 

                        they come across. Listening to your child read gives

                        you an insight to where he/she is as a reader and

                        allows you, as a parent, to support him/her. It allows

your child to ask questions about the content that is

being read. We want this!

Spelling:                 Your child will be given differentiated spelling lists

                        that are specific to each learner. Throughout the

                        week, your child should practice sorting and spelling

                        their words.