JSU Alabama Technology in Motion Specialist                        

Brandi Caldwell bcaldwell1@jsu.edu                 

Session Title

Tech Tools for Formative Assessment: Do it, Data, Done

  1. What is the difference between Formative Assessment and Summative?
  1. What makes Formative difficult?
  2. Why has assessment as a whole gotten so much bad press?
  3. 10 reasons why teachers use (Formative) assessment

  1. Tools and Tech
  1. Multiple choice feedback with no devices- Plickers (and app)
  1. 2-minute video on how to get started
  2. Real teacher using it with 1sts graders
  1. Multiple choice feedback with devices- GoFormative 
  1. Video explaining how to make your pdf or doc interactive
  2. Grading with Formative
  1. Video w/ embedded quizzes- Edpuzzle 
  1. Quick intro to EdPuzzle and what it does
  1. Voice feedback- Kaizena 
  1. Teacher explains how to use Kaizena for his students


  1. Bonus Tools to Try
  1. Auto-graded quizzes- Google Docs- Flubaroo (how to)
  2. Multiple choice feedback with devices- Kahoot, Socrative
  3. Video w/ embedded quizzes- Touchcast
  4. Print bubble sheet and phone scan to score Quick Key