MAFCSE Meeting Minutes

(Montana Association of Family and Consumer Sciences Educators)

President Lindy Hockenberry called the meeting to order

Approval of minutes: Adjustment of Cindy Bergem moved to accept minutes and it was seconded

Treasurer’s report—Margie Chinadle 2,246.38  balance.  MMA 6750.75

Sandy motioned to accept treasurer’s report and Joanna seconded the motion.

Old Business

Website for MAFCSE: Need to decide how we want to create the website, if we want our own domain, and how it is going to be maintained.  Three options are Square Space, Weebly, and google.  Square space is the most professional of the website designers.  Would like to be able to link a splash page to FCCLA, MAFCS, and MACTE.  It was discussed that Weebly is user friendly.  Lindy demonstrated what a basic FCS page would look like on Square Space.  Joanna Krogstad said that we should choose the most user-friendly webpage designer. Agnes asked who else would look at the site. Sandy asked if squarespace allows for multiple contributors.  Cindy Bergem said that having our own domain and splash page is important.  Nicole discussed that branding ourselves is important to unify our brand of FCS and also would be a place to post calendar dates.  We could easily have five pages and it is important to have our own domain for PR/our group identity.  Margie Chinadle discussed that the website should be professional to continue to present our profession well.  Lindy Hockenberry asked if MACTE wants to be the catalyst to procure a homepage for $96.00 a year.  Megan expressed concerns over maintaining the website.  Do we want to pay someone to set the website up? The website will require about 40 hrs. of work to setup.  Cindy asked if there is a company that can help us set up the website and maintain. Discussion about start up costs for  Nicole moved that we allocate 750.00 to startup a website for MAFCS.  Megan Anderson seconded the motion.  The motion passed.

Four new members and four 1st time attendees

Introduction of MSU Students. Five MSU students were present

Recognition of retired teachers

Approval of 2015 Budget—Lindy Hockenberry ran through the budget for 2014-2015.  This year we did not spend any money on speakers, but we may in future years.  Margie Chinadle discussed that we have not had a written budget in many years.  Margie put the budget together based on the averages from past meetings.  Megan moved to accept the proposed budget as presented.  Sandy Woolstad seconded the motion.

Becky Bruce will be attending national ACTE  as the National Teacher of the Year.  Motion to use 750 from the MMA for Becky to attend National ACTE.  Motioned was seconded and passed.

Fall conference 2015—Institute could possibly be moved to the summer.  Benefits: Less travel, opportunity to add sessions to either end of the conference, buying power for contracting out would increase, PD is more effective before school begins. Megan Vincent is in support of moving MACTE to the summer.  Jamie Diel asked if we can still use Perkins to pay for the conference if it is in the summer. Megan Vincent said that yes, you can.  Shirley discussed how fairs in August impact ag and FCS teachers and it would be difficult to attend.  Agnes said that any MEA trade-off at her school has to occur after July 1st in order for it to be a trade out.  Joanna said a pro is that we could have a few days to submit grades and relax.  Megan said that some of the states surrounding us do their ACTE conferences in summer and the conferences do well. Nicole moved that we express support as a division for moving to a summer conference date.  Motioned seconded by Joanna and passed.

OPI Update—Preliminary state CTE funds are being accounted for right now.  Look at allocation amount and direct questions to Megan or Diana Feaver.  This year Perkins applications are due by October 31st, which is a change from last year, which was in December.  The reasoning for moving the due date is so that Perkins money is being spent for the current year.  CTE teachers may not have to fill out participation surveys this year.  The information can now be gathered through classes taught.  SCED codes are used to record data for classes.  Megan needs course descriptions by spring.  Big Sky Pathways are very active and attended a national training for Big Sky Pathways.  Missoula college has most of our pathways for hospitality and tourism.  There will be a training in the spring for hospitality and tourism pathways.  Megan made the suggestion that the training is for the morning of AAFCS.  Megan is going to drop regional meetings but keep the OPI/MSU FCS training during the summer.  This year is our waiver year for healthy snacks, but next year schools will be penalized for foods that don’t comply.  October 24th is food day/crunch time.  MSU is open to giving tours to students potentially interested in FCS education.  If you’re planning on retiring please let Megan know.    Montana Save Scavenger Hunt is happening through MSU extension and begins November 1st and runs through February 20th.  

FCS Awards--  New Teacher of the Year is Jamie Diehl from Ennis. MAFCSE  Teacher of the Year is Joan Leik. Community service award was

President elect for MAFCS Jocelyn Sumner. Megan Vincent motioned to elect  Shaye Skovgaard as the secretary and was seconded by Mary.  

Door prizes and raffles.  FEFE binder went for $35.00