Rally computer 6.GPS Azymuth + Garmin

Setup Manual.

Instruction Manual.

Rally computer 6.GPS Azymuth + Garmin

Setup Manual.

Instruction Manual.


Principle of

Garmin device configuration

sequence of actions before and during the rally

before the rally:

During the rally:

Communication Settings on your device Garmin (276c and 78s)



Installation Instructions


The combination tripmeter Rally 6.GPS Azymuth computer and Garmin device allows simultaneous traced waypoint-in (based on azimuth and distance entered into the memory tripmeter) in metromierzu and Garmin.

Thanks to this content "grille with azimuth" in the roadbook, enter only the odometer, and their presentation during the rally takes place in metromierzu and Garminie. After wytrasowaniu waypoint-a, tripmeter and Garmin navigate to a destination using their own GPS receivers.

Principle of

Wprowadzsz memory tripmeter list of azimuths in accordance with the received roadbookiem. During the rally going from memory tripmeter corresponding azimuth and approve. Tripmeter wytrasuję waypoint which will navigate and send traced point to Garmin which also automatically begin navigating.

Configuration Garmin

send wytrasowanego During the first waypoint to Garmin built in his memory section called 6 (as the name odometer). Using the Garmin menu, select navigate to that point. Each subsequent sending wytrasowanego waypoint will automatically change its parameters.


Going Waypoints menu, select the waypoint 6, you choose go on the map, we see the purple dash from the point where we are at the point of destination.

Sequence of actions before and during the rally

before the rally:

during the rally:

Navigating start automatically in metromierzu as well as Garmin.

communication settings on the device Garmin (276c and 78s)

Garmin device must be set in such a way that assured serial bidirectional data transmission .

data format: NMEA IN / NMEA OUT

Baud Rate: 4800

GPSMap 276c





Installation instructions

Garmin navigation device, connect to the tripmeter by wire constructed on the basis of the original cables Garmin equipped with signal converter.  

Sufficient for this purpose one of the three types of cables:

Then connect:

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