Jennifer Abessira

Born 1984 in Paris, France. Lives and works in Tel-Aviv.

Represented by MTArt Agency (London) Fireflies Project (Israel) & La Galerie Rouge (Paris)  

Jennifer Abessira currently lives and works in Tel-Aviv.  She graduated her B.A. studies in General History and French Literature, as well as her M.A. studies in Interdisciplinary Arts, both from Tel Aviv University. She also graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design MFA program. Abessira uses the internet as her main playground, and this is where her work is discovered and recognized.

Abessira chose not to have a studio. Instead, her Instagram account @JenniferAbessira has become the main platform of her creation. She creates a visual diary, which she classifies by a series of hashtags she invents.

 Abessira’s career in fine arts began with a surge in popular recognition, as she was selected as a ‘Rise, Photography' in Dazed & Confused magazine, 2010. In the same year, she was selected by Dazed as one of their top ten best photographers. In 2011, Abessira collaborated with Vivienne Westwood on her project, 100 Days of Active Resistance. In 2012 she began exhibiting her work in various projects and galleries worldwide.

 In 2017, Abessira’s Hashtags first emerged out of internet territory and into the physical world through the prominent “Don't Think Twice” Project,  in which the  London Bridge Station was covered with 85 of Abessira’s works. In 2019, Abessira's works permanently covered the windows of the Municipal Engineering Administration Building on the occasion of 100 years of Bauhaus and in collaboration with the Liebling House & Tel Aviv Municipality. In 2021, 107 works by Abessira were displayed in the Saint James Market,  in the heart of London. The project was called 'The Intensity of Images'.

In 2020, Abessira's #ElastiqueProject was chosen by the Musée de l'Elysée in Lausanne to exhibit in the “reGeneration4”. The exhibition was dedicated to emerging international photographers. Out of 257 applicants, only 35 were selected.

In the same year, Abessira’s work was featured in the book “Photography and Its Shadow” by Prof. Hagi Kenaan, published by Stanford University Press. Additionally, Abessira’s main project #ElastiqueProject was the subject of an article written by Dr. Tal Dekel. The article was featured in the book “Under The Skin”, published by Oxford University Press and the British Academy.  



2015  MFA Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design

2011  M.A, Interdisciplinary Art, Faculty of the Arts in the University of Tel Aviv

2009  Bauhaus School at Weimar, Dessau and Berlin in honor of 90 years of the Bauhaus movement

2008  B.A, History and French Literature, Faculty of Humanities in the University of Tel Aviv



2021 SoFun, with Eitan bartal, Artit’s House, Tel Aviv

2021 The Intensity of Images, Public Show -  a selection of 107 images at St. James Market, London

2020 reGeneration5, Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne

2019  Public art exhibition for the 100 years of Bauhaus,Engineering Administration

in collaboration with the Liebling House & Tel Aviv Municipality

2017  Don’t Think Twice - Public Exhibition at the London Bridge Station, London

2016  La Tangente - The Impossible Project, Paris

2015 HOWHY -  in collaboration with Telavivian, Romano, Tel Aviv

2015  Alone Together – MFA graduate show

2014  We Live as we dream – Alone,  ArtStation, Tel Aviv

2012  Elastique, Curated by Boaz Aharonovitch at Indie Gallery, Tel Aviv



2020 - 21  Correspondances | La Galerie Rouge | Paris

2020 Primun Non Nocere| Minshar Tel Aviv

2019 Photopoetics festival in Musrara (Jerusalem)                                                                                                    

2019 #London Is Open | London City Hall | Curated by MTArt for Dazed & Confused

2018 Always Duty Free | Artists Residence | Herzliya

2018 Tel Aviv Museum of Art + Teder | Tel Aviv

2018 The Soap Cried a Lot | Al Hatsouk | Netanya

2018 Au Soleil | Galerie Agathe Gaillard | Paris

2016 Fragments Of | during the Frieze art fair at Castel Gibson | London

2015 Yesterday We Wanted To Be The Sky | Kamarade | Stockholm

2015  Nothing Perishes | Soho Revue | London

2014  The Disappearing of Light  |  The Artists House  | Tel Aviv

2013  Goods  | Curator : Joshua Simon |  Moby Museum  | Bat Yam

2013  Patchbox Project 2nd edition  |  Rome

2013  La Culture #8  | Gordon 2  |  Tel Aviv

2013  Time Is Love #6 | International Video Art Program curated by Kisito Assangni | Teheran - New York - Amsterdam

2012  Random  | Baad Reservoir | Bezalel Academy od Art & design | Tel-Aviv

2012  Black Box Project | An outdoor exhibition on publicity signs | Jerusalem

2012  Fresh Print | Feinberg Projects | Tel-Aviv

2012   Free Admission, Shay Arye Gallery | Tel-Aviv

2012  1+1 | Ba’alie Hamelaha Gallery | Tel-Aviv

2012  Essen Magazine food exhibition at Triennale Milan

2012 What’s Next?, curated by Girlcore at KK Outlet | London

2012 BAAD Influence | Baad Reservoir (Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design) | Tel-Aviv

2012 The Irreconcilable, curated by Guy Yanai, Spaceship at Hayarkon 70, Tel Aviv | With Jonas Wood, Avner Ben Gal, Tal R, Matt Phillips, and Guy Yanai

2012 E.A.T, a.m.a.t.a (Italien Friends of the Tel Aviv Meuseum of Art) Palazzo Lombradia, Milano

2011  Possibility of a Book, Sommer Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv



 2013 Mifal Hapais grant for an exhibition in Israel or abroad


2018 Factory | Bat Yam

2016 La Cite Internationale des Arts | Paris

2012 Peila Residency, non-profit organization, appropriated by Sari Golan Sarig and Gaby Ron | Jaffa


Under The Skin | Dr. Tal Dekel | Oxford University Press | July 2020

Photography and It’s Shadow | Prof. Hagi Kenaan | Stanford University Press | March 2020

2020 Regeneration 4 | Musée de l'Élysée, Lausanne

2019 Maayan

2015 Granta #3 (Israeli version) Magazine for new writing by Cambridge University

2014  Night Shots Zine published by MOOON

2012  Elastique Zine published by Pogo Books

2011  University (collaboration with Guy Yanai) published by Possibility of a Book

2011  100 Days of Active Resistance, published by Damiani & Vivienne Westwood

2011  A5 magazine, Jerusalem special edition


Soho House Tel Aviv, 2021

12 works from #ElastiqueProject were acquired by the Musée de l'Élysée, Lausanne, 2020

Project mith Malaika & MTArt, Congo, 2020

Print Screen Festival, Design Museum Holon, 2018

Avenir Magazine & Sotheby’s , London  2015

Fresh Paint, Israel  2013



2020 Host lecturer at Eital Bartal & Sigal Bar-Nir seminar for master degree, Holon Institute of Technology Israel              2020 Workshop about my art, Minshar Tel Aviv                                                                                                          

2019 The Art of getting Lost - workshop for the International Week at Holon Institute of Technology Israel                 

2019 - Interview for France Culture  radio station in occasion of  the 100 years of Bauhaus.  

2009 - 2015 : Chief Coordinator and Writer of MAARVON journal, from the Maayan group.

Maarvon is Israel’s leading film journal.

2007 - 2014 : Co Producer of the French Film Festival in Israel. In conjunction with Eden Cinema and the French Cultural  Institute in Tel Aviv.