ENGL1102 | Spring 2016 | Study Group Worksheet and Reflection Prompt

Use this worksheet to guide your study group discussion and take notes of things you would like to include in your reflection.

Study group participation is worth up to 25 points.The most points will be awarded to responses that offer detailed, specific accounts of the study group session. In order to earn points for participating in a study group, you should complete a reflective post on your blog (350-500 words) summarizing your group's discussion and describing how the study group was helpful to you. Tag your reflective post with "study group" and "reflection," and submit the link using the submission form.

Study Group Worksheet

  1. What did the study group focus on?

Ideas for study group activities:

These are just ideas to get you started, and you can accomplish more than one activity in a single session. It's always good practice, though, to spend the first 5-10 minutes of your study group sessions deciding what you'd like to accomplish.

  1. What questions, concepts, or tasks did you want to cover in the study group session?

  1. How did the study group session help to answer your questions, improve your conceptual knowledge, develop your research and writing skills, or revise a draft?

  1. Is there any group member in particular (including yourself) who was especially helpful or knowledgeable and made the session more productive for everyone as a result?

Study Group Reflection Prompt

In your reflective blog post, compose a short essay (350-500 words) that does the following: