Administrator: Diane Berthoin-Hernández

7100 SE Division Street, Portland OR 97206

Telephone (503) 916-6120       http://vs.pps.net 


You are enrolled in a PPS Virtual Scholars (VS) online course as a HOME ENROLLED student.  Below you will find the steps to get started. Complete the Student Orientation within 48 hours.


  • Go to the Virtual Scholars (VS) webpage http://vs.pps.net.  
  • Click on the “VS MAIN CAMPUS- CANVAS” button. (See image below).
  • Your course is located on our Learning Management System called Canvas.

VS Home Enrollment Start Point.png


  • If this is your first time using Virtual Scholars CANVAS, enter your PPS username and password.  (example username: asmith3371)
  • NOTE: If you are still using the “temporary password” provided to you by PPS, make sure to change it before you complete this step.
  • Reset or Forgot your password? Go to https://password.pps.net
  • Forgot your username? Contact the VS Office at 503-916-6120



  • On the VS Canvas Dashboard, click on your VS Student Orientation. Complete the Student Orientation within 48 hours.

 Start with Orientation screenshot-pps.instructure.com-2017-09-05-20-40-57.png


After you complete the VS Student Orientation,

  • INBOX  your VS teacher (Your teacher’s name will show up in the INBOX when you select your course from the drop down menu inside of CANVAS.)  
  • Click on your course “tile”  to begin your course. You will be prompted for a passkey. The passkey is located at the end of the Student Orientation.

 If you are unable to log into Canvas or  your course is not available as shown above, contact your VS teacher immediately. Contact information is on your original Welcome Email


Communication with your VS teacher is key to success and key to staying enrolled. Home enrolled students must follow the guidelines below to remain enrolled in VS.

  • You are required to Initiate at minimum 2 communications with your VS Teacher each week.
  • You will be dropped from Virtual Scholars Home Enrollment if you miss EIGHT (8) communications in a row. (Four weeks in a row)
  • To be considered for re-enrollment, a specific plan to catch up and stay on track will be required. Enrollment at the VS HUB may be required.

NCAA NOTE  -  Virtual Scholars

If you require an NCAA course, make sure to work with your counselor to select VS courses that qualify.

NCAA APPROVED: Virtual Scholars courses taken at Portland Evening Scholars (VS@PES) or during Summer Scholars (VS@SS) are NCAA approved.

NOT NCAA APPROVED: Virtual Scholars Blended Online Courses taken during the school day (VS@DAY)  or taken exclusively at home (VS@DAY-Home or VS@SS-OYO) are not currently approved by NCAA.  You will need to take an alternative credit option if you are seeking NCAA, NJCAA, NAIA, etc., eligibility (or may do so in the future).