UN Social 500 - Volunteer Role : UN Digital News Blogger


To engage UN Social 500 participants in creating an active, learning community in the use of digital media


Create and promote a monthly blog post reviewing major UN digital campaign activity over the past month.

The purpose of the digital initiative blog is to highlight social media activity among UN staff that has resonated most with the public during a given month (as evidenced by high numbers of retweets, favorites, popular hashtags, etc). This blog will highlight the digital campaigns that have garnered considerable attention on social media and the UN staffers that have helped promote them- and will also and provide a brief snapshot of programmatic work underlying those campaigns. Highlighting these success stories will help UN staffers better understand how they can harness their own social media accounts to engage with the public and share the work of the UN.



Time requirement (per month) -  Between 1 and 3 hours.

Example timetable:

[1] Training in Rise will be provided