Ramazan Kolari

The Gladius Sword: Old Beginnings

Chapter 1 Release

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Chapter 1 - Tulok's Infestation

“Ди žoтo суск халт ке žо зацќа.” (The evil shall end at its source.) - Gladius Gospel

The steps of horses could be heard from afar. In the early morning, a large group of fifty men with horses raced over dirt plains, rocky mountains, and patches of desert. The large group of riders formed a triangular shape. At the front of the herd, a masculine figure bearing golden armor glistened in the shining sun. The man was known as Rine, the greatest warrior in the land of Pangea.

Rine was on his way to slay the rebel leader Tulok Sherdin as he had invaded and occupied some of Rine’s best lands. Rine was occupied by his finest warriors. Equipped were these warriors with metal armor, and some, silver. Some warriors were mortal, but the vast majority were not. The mortal warriors of Rine were always treated better than the deathless warriors due to their bravery and acquired skill in a short time span. "Not too far out men, keep on riding!" shouted Rine. Rine's voice was deep and scary. The horses raced on for a few more hours until the they reached Rine's former estate, located in the desert, so that the mortal warriors and horses may rest. By that time, the signs of exposure from the sun could be seen on the mortal’s warriors’ faces and hands.

Rine knew this estate was populated by a number of rebel fighters, though they stood no chance against him. Rine and his warriors could hear the drums being played and the songs being sung. “Do you hear that men?” questioned Rine, “I might forever ponder on what humans categorize as entertainment.” Rine and his men stopped at a holding fort for horses in front of the mansion. They tied up their horses quickly. Rine, with his fine warriors behind him, went up to the doorstep. “This is my favorite estate, it has a pathways leading out of the desert and into some villages in the basement” said Rine. He planted his right foot in front of him, lifted his left foot, and kicked down the front door of the mansion. The rebels inside the mansion were startled. Immediately, they fell on their knees and pleaded for mercy. All pleaded for their lives but one. Siberius Aferdi, captain of the rebellious group, hurried down the basement steps. Rine and his warriors began to slaughter each rebel in the room without question. This was how Rine ruled and maintained power, he treated his people harshly and violently to frighten them. Even though all the rebels were slain, Rine did not seem pleased.

"Aires, Butane, and Attilio, come with me. The rest of you, burn the bodies" ordered Rine. Rine and his three warriors walked down the steps to the basement. As they reached the bottom of the steps, Rine took a deep breath. The air had an aroma of death. The basement was narrow with big barrels of liquids on both sides. Rine took three steps forward while his men stood still. Rine then suddenly stopped and turned his head to his warriors, staring at them. Out from behind a big barrel, Siberius emerged and thrust a dagger of fine craftsmanship into the right side of Rine's golden chestplate. Rine retreated a few steps from the blow, and stared at the dagger which pierced his armor. The warriors were impressed at Siberius’ cunning strike. “Such a bold move” exclaimed Rine as he raised his head to see Siberius. Rine was smiling under his helmet. “What do they call you?” “I am the voice of justice and freedom, and I’ve come to end your tyrannistic rule!” Siberius boldly stated. Rine and his warriors burst out laughing, nearly falling to the floor. “What a statement. Tell me, what is your name?” asked Rine, barely completing the sentence due to laughter. “I am Siberius, and I have come to slay you” he said. Rine suddenly stopped laughing and grew serious. “Oh, you’re known as Siberius. Well, I am to blame for that. Tell me, Siberius, I haven’t tasted death in a long time, will you make me remember the feeling?” questioned Rine.

Suddenly, Siberius unsheathed his sword and stood in the Aegis stance, awaiting Rine’s reply. “Ah,” exclaimed Rine, “the Aegis stance which I invented many a millennia ago. Good to know you still fight like a true warrior, Kino.” “Do not play your word games with me!” shouted Siberius. Rine slowly pulled out the dagger which was inside his chest, but no blood had emerged. Rine placed his hand over the stab wound, and a screeching noise played. Siberius covered his ears and looked down due to the pain. After the screeching had stopped, Siberius looked up. He found Rine in the Aegis stance. Siberius found this very strange. “You magicians!” shouted Siberius. Rine laughed and remarked, "Actually I'm a god, not a magician." “No being in this cruel world should ever live to such great lengths as the deathless have” stated Siberius. Siberius and Rine drew forth and began to fight while Rine’s warriors observed, as if it were an entertaining show to the warriors. They conversed about strong and weak points of the fight. Rine was more observant during the fight rather than fighting the battle. The fighting went on for a while; the sounds of swords clashing became old and the fight grew boring for the warriors. The warriors headed upstairs, leaving Rine and Siberius alone in the basement.

After a short period of time, Rine struck Siberius’ sword with great power, knocking it out of his hand. Siberius was astonished. “You know, I have not faced a worthy opponent in years” said Rine. “I’m surprised to see you retain your bravery and strength. Join my forces and be rewarded with riches and estates, your choice.” Siberius grew silent for a moment, plotting how to kill Rine. Rine was sure Siberius would accept his great offer and be his next warrior. Rine turned around swiftly, looking at the concrete wall. “You know, I won’t blame you for taking my offer. Many have taken it just to spare their lives” expressed Rine. Siberius picked up his sword while Rine was turned around. A scratching metal sound was heard. Siberius swung his sword towards Rine and sliced his head off. Rine's head slid off slowly; it were as if time had slowed down. Siberius watched as Rine's head plopped down and bounced, and watched Rine's body as it collapsed to the ground. Siberius was surprised, he had killed Rine. Siberius took a few deep breaths before sheathing his sword and running off into the basement pathway.