Marketing Plan

Prepared For:


Food and Wine Festival

presented by: Westchester Magazine 

By: Rebecca Bauchner

Executive Summary

TasteNY Food and Wine Festival is unique food experience that will show off our state’s homegrown products and help us continue to grow the thriving agricultural industry. With the recent movement in the food industry there's high demand for food related events as more people are willing to spend money on eating out. TasteNY sponsored by Westchester Magazine will combine agriculture, the beverage industry, and local vendors to create a once in a lifetime event for its attendees. TasteNY was originally created by New York State and Governor Cuomo. This food and wine festival will take the initiative one-step further to full-fledged foodie event.

The event will take place over two days, Saturday September 17 and Sunday Sept. 18, with general admission tickets and special V.I.P events. General Admission tickets will cost $20.00 online when tickets are purchased in advance and $30.00 the day of the event. Kids under the age of 12 years old will be free of admission thanks to Nature’s Promise by Stop and Shop and the charity No Kid Hungry. There will also be a kids corner with food events thanks to Kidville located in Mount Kisco, New York. The goal is to make this a friendly event to all ages.

For those attendees who want a more hands-on on experience there will be V.I.P events held throughout the two days ranging from $50.00-150.00 including free general admission.  Some of the events include a Knife Demo by ZWilling Henckels from Pleasantville NY, a Farm-to-Table lunch brought to you by Stone Barn Agriculture Center and The Hudson Valley Farm Hub. There will also be a Beverage tasting, Celebrity Charity Dinner with Food Network’s Nancy Fuller from Farmhouse Rules and much more.

By developing a user-friendly interactive website with original content and a strong social media campaign we will reach a community and channel of networks who are established in the food market. Social media campaigns, bloggers and creating a short Youtube promotional video will help us reach our goal to connect with millennials (18-34 years old) who are spending more on food than any other generation. We will run contests and give away free tickets to the event for those who share it with their friends.

Our success with big name sponsors such as Westchester Magazine, News 12, Z100, American Express, Nature’s Promise by Stop and Shop, Metro-North, Culinary Institute of America and many more allow us to get exposure to impressive markets. All of our sponsors believe in the initiative we are trying to set for future generations. They will be promoted throughout the two events through signage, promotional material and an opportunity to connect with their customers.


TasteNY is more than a food and wine festival. It’s a movement to showcase creativity and enthusiasm that’s driving America’s food revolution while celebrating the agricultural, food and craft beverage mecca that exists in New York’s Hudson Valley. TasteNY  will offer a front-row ticket to the most popular chefs and expert artisans for all foodies.

 Marketing Objectives


Target Audience:

The target audience will primarily be females and males 18-54 years old who have a love of food and wine.

Secondary Market:

The secondary audience will be the children of the parents who attend the event as this will be a family friendly event.

Ticket Strategies

Describe Day of Event:


The atmosphere of TasteNY is lively and upbeat with live music and food vendors everywhere. The event is going to take place in the Fall when the leaves are changing and the weather is still a touch warm but slightly cool as well. Families and young people are roaming around looking for the best food possible. The entrance will have a huge sign that says TasteNY Food and Wine Festival that you walk under as you walk in. There will be a ticket collector taking tickets either purchased online or at the gate and a security guard to make sure that people are safe. Scattered throughout the venue there will be tastefully placed sponsor signs such as Stop and Shop, Metro North and Westchester Magazine.

Fan Experience

TasteNY Food and Wine Festival’s goal is to create a once in a lifetime experience for families and young people who have a love of food. Everybody loves to eat, however, people are finding a new love for handcrafted local and speciality foods that are indigenous to the area. We will create an experience by having a center stage with seating (like in the photo above) where demonstrations will take place by the Culinary Institute of America students. As well as a live band to keep the mood up. There will also be a photo booth located centrally in the center of the event where families or friends can take selfies with funny and humourous backgrounds to be printed on the spot. In order to keep families there for an extended period of time, and to keep them buying, we will have a Kiddie Corner provided by Kidville in Mount Kisco where activities will be held

Ticket Information:

American Express General Admission:

$20.00 online *1 Free Food Voucher*

$30.00 at the door

Kids under 12 years old FREE courtesy Nature’s Promise

V.I.P Events - SEE Timeline below

Event Hours – Saturday 12:00-7:00pm  / Sunday 12:00 to 7:00pm

Rain or Shine

Parking is Free

No Pets Permitted


Bring Your Friends and Save!

TasteNY Food and Wine Festival is a great event for groups!  Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties, Family Reunions, Alumni Gatherings or any group get together will enjoy the Fest.

Group Tickets are available before September 1 and will not be available at the gate. Tour Operators, please call us 999-800-8899 for more information and to purchase group tickets.

Package deals also available 

Ticket Goals:

Ticket Information


Date & Time


American Express General Admission

Includes access to the event with vendors, local business and food tastings as well as live music.

*include 1 free food voucher

September 17 September 18, 2016

12:00 - 7:00 pm




Nature’s Promise Kids Under 12

Youth under the age of 12 will be get in for free.

September 17 September 18, 2016

12:00 - 4:00pm


VIP: A look into the Hudson Valley’s Beverage Industry

Brought to you by:

Captain Lawrence Brewery

Hosted by the top wine and spirit’s in the surrounding area. Local breweries, wineries and cider mill's discussion and tastings.

*tastings will be served

SAT. September 17, 2016

5:00-6:00 pm


$50.00 per person

kids under the age of 12 are free admission.

VIP: Farm to Table

Brought to you by:

Hudson Valley Farm Hub

Features leading farmers of the Hudson Valley and restaurants participating in the Farm to Table movement. What does it really mean?

Attendees: Stone Barn Agriculture Center, Hudson Valley Farm Hub, Sweet Grass, etc.

*Lunch will be served, seats limited.

SUN. September 18, 2016

1:00-2:00 pm


$80.00 per person

VIP: Celebrity Demonstration

Brought to you by: Food Network

No Kid Hungry

Food Network’s FarmHouse Rules Chef and Hudson Valley Native, Nancy Fuller, will give a cooking and tasting demonstration.

Sponsored by No Kid Hungry and the Food Network

*Dinner will be served.

*Half of the proceeds to be donated to No Kid Hungry.


September 17, 2016

6:00-8:00 pm


$150.00 per person

*Donations will be accepted.

VIP: Knife Skills

Brought to you by:

ZWilling J.A. Henckels

of Pleasantville, NY.

EST. 1973 Zwilling J.A. Henckels Knife and Consumer goods demonstration on everyday knife skills. Attendees will receive special pricing on knife sets.

*tastings to accompany  


September 18, 2016

3:00-4:00 pm



*purchase of ticket to ANY VIP event and get into general admission for FREE.

Official Sponsors of Taste NY Food and Wine Festival

Image result for no kid hungry logo

Sponsorship Benefits:


We focus heavily on Public Relations our goal is to maximize success of the event. We feel that editorial/feature pieces are an important aspect of our event. Our sponsors will be highlighted in several areas throughout the event. The main benefit for all of our sponsors is recognition and brand awareness. Sponsor could be highlighted through t-shirts with mission and name of event, gift bags, signage throughout event, logo on ticket, event website and more.

        Taste NY Food and Wine Festival is officially brought to you by Westchester Magazine. The exciting food and wine event will have many other sponsors who will sponsor specific events such as the Farm to Table Agriculture Lunch where attendees can learn about the agriculture that takes place in the Hudson Valley from the innovators who produce it. No Kid Hungry and Farm Hub charity will host a dinner with a Celebrity Chef. The V.I.P Events will highlight specific brands and those brands will host each event, where tickets will be more expensive than general admission. There is an event to highlight the beverage industry in the Hudson Valley brought to you by Captain Lawrence Brewery, Hudson Valley Wine and Grape Association, and Outhouse Orchard’s Apple Cider for the kids.

        If attendees do not want to spend extra on V.I.P events and prefer a general admission ticket then that is also available to them courtesy of American Express. These tickets will range from 20-30 dollars and ticket holders will have access to a grounds filled with local vendors, restaurants with tastings and live music. Kids under the age of 12 years old will be free of admission thanks to the Nature’s Promise by Stop and Shop.

*Photograph of Metro-North signage.

Advertising Strategies


Social Media

Hashtag: #TasteNYFest

Advertising Activity

Timing (prior to event) Estimate


Ticket Type

Website Finalized and Live for public

6 months out

Website goes live, ready to build excitement create original content.


Social Media Accounts Created


6 months out

All social media accounts created (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube)

Connect with Food Network and Charities to sell V.I.P tickets.

Featuring general admission tickets, kids free and who are sponsors are.

Westchester Magazine Feature story released

4 months out

Westchester Magazine front page spread feature story. Offering special ticket prices to readers.

Try to sell V.I.P tickets to Westchester Magazine subscription holders.

Tickets officially released to public (buy online) via social media and facebook advertising.

3 months out

Ticket Sales Begin & Facebook Ads with targeted demographic and location.

Continue with general admission tickets

Print Signage at Metro North Trains in targeted areas of Westchester and Grand Central Station

3 months out

Signage on trains and in the station to build awareness for event and pushing sales.

Last available V.I.P tickets and general admission.

Radio Interview  & Television Ads Begin

1-12 weeks out

Radio interview with TasteNY and morning shows, as well as feature story on NEWS12

General Admission tickets, sales promotion to take place for discounted ticket.

Social Media

5 weeks out

Encourage social media shares of those people who already bought tickets, to get another lead. Amp up social media usage on all accounts. Create a community.

Final push for tickets and building excitement for day of event.

Encourage vendors to post.



Budget for Promotion:

Website: Professional web-designer including domain name, web design, some SEO, and ticket set up. Estimated: $3,000

Digital Social Media: Social Media freelance professional who will manage all social media accounts and promote brand and event.

6 Months Out (24 weeks) at 200 dollars a week including  = $4,800.

Additional budget for Facebook Ads 5 weeks out to push ticket sales TBD.

Facebook Ads: $1,000

Promotional Youtube Video: Team up with local graduate student from University and make promotional video for Youtube Channel featuring charities and TasteNY Food and Wine Festival. Travel Expenses, Camera, Editing: $5,000.

Promotional Press Kit: We are going to rely heavily on public relations and publicity to get the name of the event out to people. This is going to involve an impressive press release/kit and a person who runs the publicity for the event. $5,000

Radio: Mentioned by food enthusiasts on Z100 morning show during talk show, $0.00.

TV: Feature story on News 12 on participating charities, sponsors and celebrity chef. $0.00

Print: Ads in events sponsor Westchester Magazine leading up to event and for special ticket sales of Westchester Magazine subscribers. Cost to create design of print Ads = $700.00

                                                Ad Space in Magazine = $0.00

Promotional Material: Including banners, give-away with sponsors logo, signs to go in local stores etc. = $10,000. 

Total Budget for Promotion: $31,000.

SWOT Analysis:


  • TasteNY already has begun to establish itself as an entity in New York.
  • Food festivals are fun and family event.
  • New York is considered a highly traveled state for tourists, which means ticket sales.
  • Established chefs, farmers, restaurants, wineries and breweries are settled in NY.
  • Partnership with established companies such as Westchester magazine, No Kid Hungry and local charity.


  • Access to parking and a venue that can hold high volume of people.
  • Expensive to hold.
  • Quality control over food and service.
  • Difficult to build excitement and awareness for a first-time event.
  • May not appeal to everyone.


  • Expand the “Taste” brand to other states with the possibility for growth - TasteCA
  • Enhance New York’s status as a food and wine expert.
  • Food and Wine community in New York can be enhanced with growth.
  • Food festivals becoming more popular in United States.
  • Possible grants from New York State  


  • Security could threaten the safety of a large event of this scale.
  • If the event is held outside then the weather could affect turnout.
  • High competition in food festivals around the country.

Revenue Goals:

Drawing from Dutchess, Westchester County, Columbia, Hudson Valley Counties, Manhattan.

Goal of Attendees - Two Days = 100,000 attendees

Ticket Sales

80% of ticket sales to be sold before event

80,000 tickets (online) x 20 dollars/per ticket  = 1.6 million dollars in revenue

20,000 tickets (online)  x 30 dollars/per ticket = 600,000

2.2 total in ticket sales  = 1 million dollars charity

Vendors Revenue

100 vendors at $200.00/per vendor = 20,000

Westchester Magazine VIP Events Ticket Sales

Beverage Event - 100 tickets x $50.00/per ticket  = $5,000

Farm to Table Lunch - 50 tickets  x 80/per ticket  = #4,000

Celebrity Dinner - 50 tickets x 150/per ticket  = $7,500

Knife Event - 25 tickets x 50/per ticket =  $1250

Total Revenue: 2,037,750

Budget Cost:

Venue = $50,000

Promotion = $31,000

Traffic Control = $2,000

Administrative Costs (Office people)  = $5,000

Security = $7,000

Event Staff = $2,000

Tent Rentals = $50,000

Insurance = $10,000

Two Bands = $5,500

Total Cost: 209,200


5W’s of Marketing

Who - Females and males 18-54 years old, secondary audience of children.

What - Tickets to speciality V.I.P events, general admission and TasteNY accessories.

When - Fall 2016, Saturday September 18 and Sunday Sept. 19 from 1:00-7:00pm

Where - Rhinebeck, NY at the Fairgrounds

Why - A fun day of food, wine, music and a charitable cause in the Hudson Valley

6P’s of Marketing

Product - A unique foodie event that will showcase the Hudson Valley’s agriculture, beverage and small businesses.

Place - Rhinebeck, NY - Dutchess County Fairgrounds

Price - General Admission ranges from $20-30. VIP Events range from $50.00-150.00

Promotion - Use of public relations and publicity, large social media campaign, showcase on Westchester Magazine, News12, Z100 and Metro North.

People - Celebrities (Nancy Fuller), Charities (No Kid Hungry and Hudson Valley Farm Hub), Food Enthusiasts.

Process - Large scale event with user Friendly website to buy tickets at an early discounted price.


The potential for TasteNY Food and Wine Festival in the Hudson Valley is exponential. The event will pull from multiple counties including Westchester, Dutchess, New York City, and parts of Connecticut. There is a large interest in food centered events and people are willing to spend more money on eating out. Half of the ticket sales of every ticket (general admission) will be donated to the charities No Kid Hungry and Hudson Valley Farm Hub. In order to draw 100,000 attendees over two days we have Celebrities, micro events, big name sponsors and a social media campaign that includes promotional videos. The goal for the event is to expand into other markets all over the east coast.