CAA THATCamp Reflection Session - Feb 13, 2014

Discussion Point:

What are the most pressing issues and/or opportunities for you in the field today—digital, or otherwise? Is it tenure, publishing, sharing your ideas, adjunctification…..  

Rethinking graduate “methodologies” courses or DH seminars, incorporating data management and analysis skills for research.

Sharing early to connect and support the community v. being judged harshly for errors, lack of polish inherent in the data?

Publishing - getting the work seen by others in museums, galleries, online exhibitions, conferences

Reflection Point:

How/does the digital offer an opportunity to move forward/press this issue?

Digital screens might not be enough but integration in the everyday might. Submersive technlogy coming up might also be another outlet

Action Point:

What can you do? What can CAA do? What kinds of panels might you want to see/help facilitate at THATCamp or CAA in the future?

 integrate future THATCamp events directly into the main conference

Lightning talks were interesting and should continue to be a part of the conf