Sacramento Aquarium Society

Procedure Manual


Table of Contents

Procedure Manual Introduction


Special Skills




Board of Governors

Auction Chair

Record-keeping Requirements

Special Skills

Auction Runner Manager

Bowl Show Chair

Bowl Show Chair, Specific Duties

Breeder/Horticultural Award Programs (BAP/HAP) Chair

Donations Chair

Editor Chair

Events Chair

Annual Dinner (start planning in Aug)

Mega Auctions

Exchange Editor Chair

Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS)

Library Chair

Membership Chair

Photographer Chair

President's Keepsake

Programs Chair

Publicity / PR Chair

Raffle Chair

Sales Table Chair

Website Chair (Webmaster)

Webmaster Special Skills

Former Chair positions

Procedure Manual Introduction

The Procedure Manual of the Sacramento Aquarium Society (SAS) is to act as a basic guideline for operations.  Duties for the Board of Directors (BOD) (Officers, and Board of Governors), and Chairs of the various programs committees, are established herein.

It is mandatory for all Officers and Board of Governors to attend all General and BOD Meetings. The President must be notified if one will not be able to attend a meeting, and a stand in shall be named  do the duties of the position if so require.

All committee chairs must attend at least one BOD Meeting per calendar quarter in addition to all of the General Meetings.  It is preferred that they attend all of the BOD Meetings if possible.

The President shall provide the annual budget to every committee chair.

All expenditures must be approved by the BOD and accompanied by original receipts in order for the Treasurer to reimburse out of pocket expenses.

All members of the BOD and all committee chairs are to keep in mind that they are the official representatives of the Society and to act accordingly at all times and with all people when the society is involved.

Failure to perform the duties of the office as described may be grounds for removal from the office as provided for in the SAS bylaws or this Procedure Book.

SAS webmaster maintains the master Google Drive ( [Webmaster SAS] Google account) for society related digital files. The SAS webmaster acts as the administrator of the master Google Drive account, creating folders, and granting permissions to folders and files.

Some SAS positions require uploading or maintaining of files on the Google Drive. All Board of Directors and Committee Chairs need to have a Google account for sharing/editing/commenting/viewing/uploading/managing files related to conducting SAS business.

All new documents should be created using the Google office suite of applications available in the Google Drive whenever possible. Google office suite of applications allows for easy collaboration on creating/editing documents and controlling permissions. When the Google office suite of applications will not work for the task to be performed, upload the files to the Google Drive once completed.

All SAS members are encouraged to contact the SAS webmaster for new folder creation and access permissions. Access permissions are granted based on working need. File permissions available are "Can edit," "Can comment," and "Can view."  Folder permissions are "Is Owner", "Can organize, add, & edit", and "Can view only.”

This Procedure Book will be reviewed annually in February for changes or additions that may be required.

A copy of this Procedure Book will be archived yearly; prior any changes are finalized.

Where not specifically stated otherwise in the bylaws or Procedure Book, “Robert’s Rules of Order shall be in force for all Society business.


Presides over monthly General Meetings, orchestrates the events of the evening.

Presides over the monthly BOD Meetings.  Provides an agenda to all BOD members and attending chairs.  Special BOD Meetings may be called by the President or by 50% of the BOD Meeting (not including the president) for issues that must be resolved before the next regularly scheduled BOD Meeting.  These meetings must have 48 hour notice provided to the BOD, or may be conducted by a telephone and/or email poll of ALL members of the BOD.  To ensure that ALL members of the BOD are informed of the issues, all of them must receive notice of the meeting, or in the case of a poll, all must respond before the issue can be closed.

Serves as the main communication contact between committees and the BOD.

Provides direction and assigns jobs on the executive level.  Is responsible for reassigning critical jobs in the absence of the regularly assigned Chair or BOD members.  In cases of improper actions or non-performance by a committee Chair, the President will give warning to or remove the Chair, as deemed necessary.  The BOD must be informed of any disciplinary action before or at the next regularly scheduled BOD Meetings.

Serves as the chief arbiter in disputes within the Society and with non-society organizations or individuals.

Is directly responsible for the good reputation of the Society and takes positive steps to prevent the actions of individuals or other organizations from compromising its good name.

Writes the monthly “President’s Message” to be published in the Tropical News.  This should be oriented towards keeping the General Membership apprised of decisions being made by the BOD, announcing current and upcoming events, and rewarding volunteers.

Maintain a master set of all Society business records/reports and correspondence on the master Google Drive.

The President can authorize a maximum of $100.00 in emergency expenditures or $200.00 with the approval of the Treasurer before spent.  The BOD must be informed of such expenditures before or at the next regularly scheduled BOD Meeting.

Should do a roll call at meetings, to enable accurate attendance record keeping.

Turn all records (up to 5 Years worth) over to the successor upon leaving the position, and/or inform them of what is on the master Google Drive.

Special Skills


Carry out the President’s duties in the President’s absence.  The Vice-President will follow the guidelines set for the President’s duties for this function. As listed in the President's section.

Responsible for other duties as assigned by the President.


Take clear, detailed minutes of General and BOD Meetings, to include attendance by BOD members. General Meeting to also include, programs, awards, bowl show results, raffle winners (gift certificate), and attendance prize winner, as well as the member names pulled that were not there.  BOD Meeting to also include treasury balance, items discussed, tabled, voted on and results of vote.

Keep originals of General and BOD Meeting minutes, and any other important papers in an organized and accessible manner, to be permanently maintained by the Society on the master Google Drive.  Records more than two years of age may be turned over to the Society’s Historian Chair for long-term storage archives.

Provide copies of General and BOD Meeting minutes to the President via,  email and Tropical News Editor in accordance with established deadlines.

Read minutes, if necessary, at the meetings for members and possible corrections.  This should only need to be done if the minutes did not get printed in the bulletin for some reason.

Be able to readily locate items from previous meeting minutes as required.

Assist any chair that needs help writing correspondence to fulfill the chair's duties.

Arrange for a fill in Secretary in case of an absence from a meeting so that minutes are still recorded.

Maintain or upload Secretary files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.


Responsible for the SAS Post Office Box Key and distribution of mail received to appropriate persons.

Write checks for Society expenses and obtain original receipts to document these expenses.  The BOD must approve expenses with no receipt or questionable receipts before checks may be issued.  All checks must have two signatures before they are passed out (Treasurer and one of 2-3 other designated signers that have been approved by the BOD (these signers are indicated on the Bank signature card).  Ensure that checks are completely filled out before second signature is obtained. Two signatures’ is a Society Rule not the Banks.

Write receipts for all moneys turned in by all committees.  All money should be accounted for at the end of each event, or periodically during events that takes an extended length of time.

Keeps checkbook balanced.  Make all deposits as soon as possible after money is received.

Keep records of expenses and income from each activity and committee.  Present a detailed report of accounts activities to the BOD monthly.  Present a detailed report of the entire past year’s activities to the BOD once yearly (within the first quarter of the New Year). Present an quick glance of how in line we are with the budget around July.  As of 2017 we use Quickbooks for record keeping.

A Finance Committee shall also perform an audit of the Society records for the previous fiscal year (January through December) and present a report to the Board of Directors.

Monitor BOD approval of spending to ensure that no more is spent than is available.

Ensure that there is a $100.00 petty cash for making change for other committees if needed, attendance, speaker, postage, etc…

Maintain list of Tropical News and website advertisers and status of their accounts (i.e. have they paid for the year).  Keep all Gift Certificates received from sponsors until the raffle table needs them.

Complete and mail all necessary tax paperwork each year for state, federal and local authorities.  Also to include raffle approval with the State.

Obtain new signature cards from the bank when BOD offices change (or signers).  Have cards completed and returned to the bank in a timely manner.

Keep a backup treasurer trained on how you maintain the Society's books.

Attend all General and BOD Meetings and any other events in which money will be received or checks issued or have the backup do so.

Provide a check or reimburse Editor for postage needed for the bulletin.

Monthly Auction Chair receives $100.00 at the start of each General Meeting, and returned at the end. For Mega Auction $200 should be given and also returned.

Maintain or upload Treasurer files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Board of Governors        

Attend all BOD and General Meetings.  Notify the President in case of an absence.

Work with the BOD and membership to develop and carry out the Society plans and goals.

Auction Chair

Organize and run the Monthly Auctions and Mega Auctions.

Ensure manufacturer donations are included in the auction as they are needed and available.

Get BOD authorization for any special purchases that are needed.

Get $100.00 change fund for monthly, and $200.00 for Mega Auctions from the Treasurer at start of auction, and return it at the end of the meeting with all moneys taken in.

Ensure that there are enough volunteers to act as auctioneers, runners, and Runner Manager.

Ensure that all items submitted for auctions are properly bagged, labeled, numbered and that all auction rules are followed.

Balance books at end of each auction.  Keep track of the amount that each item brings, as well as whether they are BAP/HAP, donation, or regular seller/society split.  For regular monthly meetings the first two dollar goes to the society and the remainder goes to the seller.  Mega Auctions and show auctions: The first two dollars go to the society SAS, or 30% to the society SAS (whichever is greater) and 70% goes to the seller.  Example: if item sells for $3: $2 goes to the society and $1 goes to the seller.  Collect and disburse money to and from buyers and sellers.

Transfer all money to the Treasurer at the end of the auction and obtain a receipt.

Ensure that all unsold items are returned to the seller.

Ensure that the Publicity Chair is aware of the need for advertising Mega and special auctions.

Complete all paperwork, and ensure a smooth closing for the auction.

Maintain or upload auction files to the master Google Drive throughout the year and notify the Treasurer when the new file's/data is posted.

Check in specimens brought for donation to the SAS General Meeting for BAP/HAP points, as required in the appropriate program rules.  Ensure that all such donations meet the requirements of size, labeling, health, and conform to standards for the species, when BAP/HAP Chair is not attending meetings.

Record-keeping Requirements

Create and maintain records of all items placed into all SAS auctions, to include but not limited to:

Check that each member has a membership card before opening an account.

Attach Treasurer's receipt to front of the auction log sheets.

Maintain or upload auction files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Auction Chair may use their own laptop if they wish as long as everything on the SAS laptop is kept up to date.

Special Skills

Ability to use SAS laptop and Microsoft Excel application.

Auction Runner Manager

The Auction runner manager’s job is to manage the auction item flow to the auctioneer and be sure that the tags are written correctly, thus helping the Auction manager to have things run smooth.

Ensure that the items keep moving and are kept mixed as to not have all one kind of item get auctioned off together.  Get help if needed.

Ensure that all Auction tags are legibly filled out.

Manager should set in front of auctioneer and fill in Tags when Items sell write in paddle number and winning bid, then hand clip board to runner to deliver.

Ensure that each Runner gets raffle ticket for being a runner also that their name is given to the secretary for publication.

Bowl Show Chair

The Bowl Show is an SAS program that allows members the opportunity to bring fish and fish-related items to the general meetings for display and for judging by their peers.  In general, two (range 1-3) categories are chosen for each month.  There is no Bowl Show during the months reserved for the Mega Auctions. The Bowl Show Chair oversees judging and that participants follow the rules this includes requesting to see valid membership card at registration time.  It is unseemly for the Bowl Show Chair to participate in the Bowl Show unless other arrangements are made for the scoring of the ballots.

Devise show schedule for the year try to have warm-water organisms in the warmer months, and cold-water organisms (and art) in the colder months.  Publish full schedule in the January Tropical News Coordinate with the editor, and see that the February - November bowl shows are published in the Tropical News (generally a revolving 3-month schedule.  Monthly, update Bowl Show standings and a write a short description of the previous month’s entries.

Bowl Show Chair, Specific Duties

Responsible for transportation, set up, takedown and storage of all equipment (lights are optional) needed to provide a fair bowl show.

Arrange for any needed maintenance with BOD approval.

Keep records of all Bowl Show entries and results, including cumulative totals by entrants, and make available to the General membership and BOD.

Provide a monthly announcement or article relating point standings and awards as well as upcoming events and special achievements for publication in the Tropical News.

Ensure fair, impartial, and knowledgeable judging of the entries.

Ensure timely presentation of awards for participation and achievements, to include advising the BOD of necessary supplies, maintenance, and awards, as they are needed.

Provide assistance to all interested parties in identifying entries or categories.

Ensure that standards for judging are understood by participants and judges (General Membership) alike, specifically (but not limited to):

Chairperson is responsible to see that there is only ONE vote made per family present.

Voting slips are only available until the break Chairperson will pass them out.

Provide awards as needed i.e.. Ribbons & end year award.

Maintain or upload Bowl Show files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Example Ballot:








Replace "Category" with the actual category ex. "Old World Cichlids", or "Rasboras."

In the past there have been reports of ballot-box stuffing.  Ballots must be handed out, one per membership.  Also, whoever counts ballots should not be participating in the program itself.

Best method.  Count the number of 1st, 2nd, 3rd votes cast for each entry.  Multiply that number by 5 for 1st, 3 for 2nd and 1 for 3rd.  And total (See rules).  Highest total receives 1st, and so on.  Ties go to entry with the most 1st place votes.

Breeder/Horticultural Award Programs (BAP/HAP) Chair

Provide, maintain, and make available to the General Membership and BOD the society, rules and standards for the Breeder Award Program (BAP) and Horticultural Award Program (HAP).  Which may be modified from time to time with the approval of the BOD.

Update and maintain monthly accurate records of participation in the BAP/HAP.

Maintain or upload BAP/HAP files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Check that the member is a current member by asking to see their valid membership card (or conferring with the membership chair), before accepting any summations.

Check in specimens brought for donation to the SAS General Meeting for BAP/HAP points, as required in the appropriate program rules, when meeting are attended.

Ensure that all such donations meet the requirements of size, labeling, health, and conform to standards for the species, when meeting are attended.

Award points for captive reproduction of species and supporting materials as provided in the BAP/HAP rules.

Publish monthly point standings in the Tropical News.

Provide BAP/HAP updates for the website to the the webmaster as needed.

Get approval from the BOD for any plaques or certificates.

Present certificates and plaques at the next practical General Meeting.

Donations Chair

To solicit and receive donations from manufacturers and distributors, by means of letters, e-mails, and telephone calls, in order to maintain a supply of goods that can be used in the Society's raffles and auctions.

This position cannot be held by or co-chaired by anyone in the fish retail business.  Per BOD vote Y2000.

Create, maintain and share with the BOD, a list of manufacturers and distributors of aquarium supplies and equipment, for freshwater and marine hobbies.  Possible sources for this list include magazines, retailers, and suggestions of members. This list is located on the SAS master Google Drive.

Contact the manufacturers, and request donations for the Society.  In most cases, the Society will only supply advertising both in the Topical News, and our website.  In the event that a corporation requests to receive something more, the proposal must be brought before the BOD for approval.

Notify the webmaster and the Tropical News editor of new or renewed sponsorship.

Receive and provide an address where someone will be available to receive any items sent by the companies from whom donations are requested.

Inventory donations, or have someone inventory, arrange for storage at an accessible location, and coordinate with Raffle and Auction Chairs as to the distribution of the donations.

Ensure that acknowledgements (thank You notes) of donations are sent to the corporations, to make them more likely to continue donating in the future.

Provide the webmaster with the email address of the sponsors contact for ads.

Maintain or upload donation files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Editor Chair

To solicit, collect and edit articles, columns, etc., to be combined with Society news and the like to produce the original copy of the monthly publication the Tropical News.  Make any necessary corrections (i.e., spelling, punctuation and grammar) any needed corrections in wording or facts only done after discussion with the author.  Must coordinate with:

Provide "camera ready" original to the printers.  Mailing in a timely manner to ensure delivery to all members no later than the Monday before the monthly General Meeting.  In order to meet the target of delivery the original copy should be ready for printing by Thursday before the General Meeting of each month.  Email the electronic version on the same day as the printed newsletter is mailed.

Major changes in layout or content must be submitted to the BOD before being published.

Items which are deemed to be controversial (that is, they would reflect badly on the Society or members of the Society) must be reviewed by the President before they are approved to be printed.  In case of a disagreement between the Editor and President, these items shall be submitted to the BOD for approval.  This is to prevent the Tropical News from being used for personal attacks and/or agendas that are not in agreement with the goals of the Society.  The two parties involved have no vote.

Verify that a copy is archived on the SAS master Google Drive.

Give a minimum of five copies to Membership Chair and providing we have extra copies to any other chairs upon request.

Get updated address (email and physical) from Google drive document titled Member info. in membership roster folder  Print labels to be used on the newsletters that need snail mailing.

Receive reimbursement check for the needed postage at BOD Meeting.

Get update of birth month, renewals, new member, and emails to be published from Google drive member Info doc in membership roster file.

Maintain or upload editor files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Events Chair

The events committee under the guidance of the Events Chair ensures the timeliness and success of the events.  This committee was created by combining several older committees.  Essentially, the Events committee is responsible for events, beyond the normal happenings of the SAS.  An example would be, if the SAS BOD decided to sponsor a trip to the Steinhart or Monterey Bay Aquarium's or a conference.

Annual Dinner (start planning in Aug)

The November (Holiday) BOD Meeting is held at a local restaurant.  The new and old BOD are encouraged to attend.

Choose a restaurant; one with a separate room is best.  The events chair can decide on a restaurant themself, or can solicit input from the BOD and General Members.

Contact establishment, make reservations, get menu, and select entrée items.  Some restaurants prefer large groups to order off a five to six entrée sub-selection of the main menu.

At the September Board Meeting (BM) present restaurant list.

Publish in the October newsletter specifics about the Dinner and Location.  At the October general meeting (GM), announce the upcoming dinner, discuss the venue, (sub) menu time and date.  Tell folks that more info will be available in the November newsletter and a signup-sheet available at the November GM.  For the November newsletter, submit to the editor the submenu with costs associated.  Use the cost +25% (8.5% tax, 16.5% tip) method, and roundup to nearest 0.25.  If this is done, folks can figure out their costs beforehand.

At the November GM, provide a sign-up sheet, and a copy of the sub-menu.  Sign-up sheet should contain the particulars:  Name, entrée, etc. etc.

The week before the dinner, call up all the Board Members (New & Old) who haven’t signed up and get them signed up.

Mega Auctions

Advertising.  Best place to advertise is “craigslist.”  (Printing of Fliers and posting them in Local Fish Stores about town provided too little return on effort invested).

Venue.  Schedule the early time (4:30 PM) at least 3 months in advance with the Round Table management; remind them the month prior to the auction.  Setup begins at 4:30.  Arrange a row of tables at the front.  Large aquariums can remain outside if it is not raining.  Arrange auction accounting station.  Set-up color stations and make sure that folks have color dots to put on their items.

Obtaining Auctioneers.  The SAS has several good auctioneers.  Schedule them to be there.  Normally let them work in 1 hour shifts.

Arrive before 4:30 begin setup.  Get volunteers.

Exchange Editor Chair

Look over other Club Newsletters for articles of interest.  That could be reprinted in ours by our deadline.

Be sure to follow our and or other club reprint rules. Ours is to send a copy of the newsletter to the author of the reprinted article.

Keep track of what clubs we exchange with to insure equal exchange is occurring.

Notify Membership Chair of any changes (add or delete a club, address changes, etc.).

Maintain or upload editor files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS)

Provide Articles to go into the Tropical News to inform the membership of events, contests and or Government Legislation concerning our hobby.

Be the point of contact (POC) between SAS and FAAS.  Only a Delegate can receive or provide information to and from SAS and FAAS.

Organize any committees needed to award prizes such as the medallion we receive yearly from FAAS.  As voted by the BOD to be awarded to a member in good standing that has been outstanding in the year the medallion was received.

Answer questions regarding categories and submissions to aid the publication editor in the clubs submission to the FAAS publication awards.

Maintain or upload FAAS files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Library Chair

Maintain the SAS Library in good condition.

Ensure that materials are loaned only to current SAS members, ask to see their membership card.

Ensure that members are aware of their responsibilities for materials they borrow and of the timely return requirement.  If the material is lost or damaged, they could be charged with replacing it.

Provide a note of responsibilities to go with the item borrowed.

Ensure that articles loaned from the library are returned in good condition and in a timely manner the following meeting.

Ensure that none of the reference books (atlases) are loaned out (can be asked for to reference at the General Meeting).

Make periodic suggestions for further acquisitions for the library.

The number of items allowed to be checked out is at the discretion of the chair.

All items are available for purchase.  Including the reference books (atlases), with the exception of the DVDs.

Maintain the Library Google Sheet on the Google Drive that is embedded on the SAS website. Use the SAS master Google Drive for uploading and maintaining all library related information.

Membership Chair

Maintain a master list of SAS members and their contact information.

Provide updated rosters to all BOD members on a semi annual basis (Jan & Jun).  Available on the Google Drive.

Collect membership dues from all new and renewing members.

Turn all monies received in to Treasurer at the end of each event.  Obtain a receipt from Treasurer.

Issue laminated membership cards (also extras needed) and a receipt to all new and renewing members, and current Tropical News to new members.

Maintain and update monthly the membership list used for the Attendance Prize random generator.

Update the form on Google Drive that lets the Editor know new/renewed members, birth month and email of those members that have approved the information to be released.

Provide a list to the Editor with members that paid for a "Hard Copy" ($30 a year) and "Digital Copy" ($20 a year) of the Tropical News. (as of March 2017)

As of 2002 all Memberships run for 12 months from the date of joining.

Maintain and archive a good copy of the past years complete membership on the SAS master Google Drive before purging.  Complete list consists of Name, Address, Phone, Email, Web Address, Family Names, Birth Months, Extra cards issued, Resource guide information, membership status, and Year Joined.

Responsible for updating the Member resource guide once a year, and the New Member book Bi-yearly.

Update the mailing list on Google Drive for the Editor and helper to send the upcoming bulletin.

Be sure  that  attendance prize drawing is held and updated with new members joining that night at the end of the General Meeting raffle.

Maintain or upload membership files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Photographer Chair

Taking pictures of all Society events or arranges for pictures to be taken.

Video record all Speakers talks (with their consent) make available to the library.

Upload digital copies of photos and video to the SAS Photographer ( account Google Photos application and YouTube for possible use by the Tropical News editor, Webmaster, and other SAS publications. All photos should have "Public" permissions (shared via Google+) set so they can be viewed by all. The SAS webmaster maintains a file with the password for this account. If the password is changed, update the webmaster with the new password.

Give all receipts to the Treasurer.

President's Keepsake

Consult with the President to determine their preferred keepsake format, if any.

Compile a record of SAS activities and accomplishments throughout the year that may include, but not necessarily limited to, photographs, flyers, and newsletters.

Create a hard copy, electronic, or other (plaque) medium keepsake for the President.

Present the keepsake to the President at the February meeting the following year.

Maintain or upload President's Keepsake files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Programs Chair

Schedule speakers for the General Meetings throughout the year.  This includes contacting potential speakers, negotiating program dates, and arranging transportation and accommodations if necessary.

Try to ensure that at least three month’s worth of speakers are scheduled in advance.  Advise the Website Chair, and Editor of each scheduled speaker and the title of their talk. Provide the Editor and webmaster with a picture and biography.  The best method is to create or acquire a list of 12 to 14 speakers. Contact four to six at a time and schedule them on a first come, first served basis.  Attempt to fill six or eight months of speakers. It is the experience of some Program Chairs that scheduling too far into the future results in lots of cancellations. If someone can't speak within six to eight months, but expresses interest in speaking, agree to contact them several months later. Try to fill  the nearest vacant meeting dates first.

Arrange for replacement programs in the event a speaker has to cancel.

Ensure the speaker’s dinner is taken care of on the program night. Typically, the Society will pay for a meal for the speaker and a friend at the Round Table or someplace equivalent.  The SAS also will give the speaker a complimentary membership for a year, and a t-shirt when available.

Work with the San Francisco Aquarium Society to share speakers. This can result in significant savings for both societies. Currently, if a speaker is shared, the SAS chair drives to San Francisco on Friday for the SFAS meeting and brings the speaker back to Sacramento. The SAS chair typically puts up out of state speakers at his home. This saves the SAS money on accommodations.

Follow up with thank you notes promptly.

Turn over all fee requests and receipts to the Treasurer by the end of the night.  Inform the treasurer if any outstanding program-related fee will require reimbursement after the meeting.

Give plenty of warning when resigning. Attempt to Schedule programs at least 2 months into your successor’s term. Work with your successor to ensure a smooth transition. Regardless of what happens, always treat potential speakers with dignity and respect. Speakers are not paid and are taking time from their activities to speak to the SAS. If a speaker is challenging or creates a fuss, be polite. Consider not scheduling the person but always be polite. Communicate clearly on exactly what the SAS pays and what is not covered. The SAS will pay airfare, parking at the speaker's airport, and local accommodations if required. However, try to minimize costs and expenses. If problems arise, communicate with both the SAS President and Treasurer regarding the exact nature of the problem.

Maintain or upload programs files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Publicity / PR Chair

Ensure appropriate advertising is circulated for each special event, which SAS either sponsors or participates, as well as for each General and BOD Meeting, and foster membership in the SAS throughout the community.

Have flyers designed, printed and distributed for any special events (this is costly but may be a means to contact the public).

Ensure that SAS posters are in every regional pet shop that will allow them.

Contact local and regional retailers for sponsorships of the Society.

Deviations from the standard agreement for sponsorship may be allowed if approved by the BOD.

Sponsorship consists of an ad in the Tropical News & on the Web Site.  All ads are displayed for a nominal fee or in exchange of retail value of product(s) or gift cards.

All ads run for 12 months renewable no later than the 12th month.

Turn all monies in to the Treasurer within a week of receipt.  Be sure to get a receipt.

Provide the Editor and Webmaster with a scanner ready or digital ads (preferred), or arrange for ads to be created by the webmaster if the sponsor does not have any to provide.

Contact all Media i.e. TV, Radio, Newspaper, and Magazines, for free space or airtime.  Some need up to 3 months notice.

Coordinate with other chairs that have events in the planning stages.

Maintain or upload publicity/PR files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Raffle Chair

Maintain an adequate supply of raffle tickets for sale at the General Meeting raffle and other special raffles as they may occur.

Shuttle the ticket barrel to and from meetings and events (may be kept on site at Round Table).

Raffle tickets are generally priced at 5/$1.00 donation.  Though with very large Item raffles in the past we have had them as much as $1.00 each.

A single raffle ticket can be obtained for donating an item to the raffle table or participating in the general meeting (i.e. runners for auction).  One raffle ticket may be given (upon request) to a membership that does not have money to buy any.

Ensure a replacement when unable to attend any meeting or event.

Maintain a courteous and friendly sales approach when selling tickets.

Ensure monies are turned in to Treasurer by end of event or meeting.

Host the raffle, calling and confirming numbers, selected by persons as "disinterested" as possible, while maintaining some semblance of order.

Ticket numbers should only be called 3 times, if no response,the ticket is discarded (not put back it tumbler).

Severely damaged, unreadable tickets will be discarded.

Refine and improve club raffles and raffle procedures from time to time, subject to BOD approval, as necessary and/or appropriate.

Largest prize (tank) are raffled last.

Ensure that winners of tank, gift certificate, and attendance prize give their name to the Recording Secretary.

Maintain or upload raffle files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Sales Table Chair

Bring items to all General Meetings (stored in the closet at Round Table).

Keep records and inventory merchandise on the SAS master Google Drive.

Replenish supplies as needed (get BOD approval for all expenses).

Turn in all monies to the Treasurer and the end of each meeting.

Maintain or upload sales table files to the master Google Drive throughout the year.

Website Chair (Webmaster)

Maintain the site with current information.

Have one backup persons.

Coordinate with all chairs that contribute information for the site.

Ensure that the website domain name registration stays current (renewed for five years).

Ensure that the web hosting service invoices are paid by the SAS Treasurer.

Create ads for sponsors as needed and post on website.

Maintain the (Webmaster SAS) Google account, including the Google Drive associated with the account as the central repository for SAS business related digital files. Update the "SAS Administrator Info" file with usernames and passwords of SAS assets. Share digital files on the Google Drive with members that have a need for access. Set permissions on folders and files based on need access.

Post completed BAP and HAP forms on the SAS website.

Act as the Sacramento Aquarium Society forum Administrator (hosted by Google and embedded on the SAS website), and appoint additional Managers as needed.

Webmaster Special Skills

Basic understanding of HTML/XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and FTP. Ability to create ads using Photoshop Elements or other graphics software. Experience using Google Drive for storing, creating, editing, and sharing files and folders.

Former Chair positions