September 8, 2016 - RELIEF SOCIETY


Conducting – Sister Mones and Sister Baker

Chorister – Sister Nivaldo

Pianist – Sister Ransom

Opening Hymn: High on the Mountain Top #5

Opening Prayer: Sister Engmann

Announcements:  1) Sisters were reminded to walk home in their groups of six for their safety.   2) Sisters are still to eat lunch and dinner on the Square for this transfer.  3) Sisters were asked to get a picture taken for their access cards.  They are to go to the security office is the JSMB.


The new sisters introduced themselves and the returning outbound introduced themselves as well.


Purpose:  Sister McColgan



The roleplay was given by Sister Revoredo and Sister Kratzer on giving a Beehive House tour.



Our lesson was Chapter 14 of the Howard W. Hunter study guide – Hastening Family History and Temple Work given by Sisters Mark, Sine, Miki and Donald.

 Sisters Donald, Miki, Sine and Mark


Sister Sanchez read 1 Peter 4:6, Sister Strivhaka read Isaiah 42:6-7.  Sister Newlin commented that she loves family history.  Ancestors are so important to us and we should all do our family history.  Many of them have waited for a long time.


Family history is a priority of God.  Sister Kleine read the following quote by Brigham Young.

“We have a work to do just as important in its sphere as the Savior’s work was in its sphere.  Our fathers cannot be made perfect without us; we cannot be made perfect without them.  They have done their work and now sleep.  We are now called upon to do ours; which is to be the greatest work man ever performed on the earth.”


Family history is the way to be saved with our ancestors and prepare a way for them to be perfected with us.  Sister Gomes commented that she wants to share her mission experiences with her posterity.


Sister Valenzuela read the following from President Hunter. “Surely the Lord will support us if we use our best efforts in carrying out the commandment to do family history and research and temple work.”  Sister Chiafitela said that the Lord is with us when we do temple work.  The Lord will help us through roadblocks.  Sister Klippel said the field is white already to harvest on the other side of the veil too.  Temples are built for the exaltation of God’s children.


Baptisms for the dead:  Sister Schalk read the following President Hunter quote.  “Does it seem reasonable that persons who have lived upon the earth and died without the opportunity of baptism should be deprived throughout eternity? Is there anything unreasonable about the living performing the baptisms for the dead? Perhaps the greatest example of vicarious work for the dead is the Master himself. He gave his life as a vicarious atonement, that all who die shall live again and have life everlasting. He did for us what we could not do for ourselves. In a similar way we can perform ordinances for those who did not have the opportunity to do them in [their] lifetime.”  She also commented that family history work is missionary work as well.


Sister Chua commented that since last month and her comment on needing some baptisms performed that Elder and Sister Sharp’s grandchildren performed the baptisms.  Then her mom emailed and asked if the baptisms could get done.  She was able to tell her mom that they had been done.  She was so excited!


Endowment – Sometimes receiving your own endowment is hard but God loves us and helps us.  Sister Gomes commented that when she went to the temple for the first time that she felt love, peace, and gratitude.  Everything seemed familiar to her.  Sister Steffenson said that we are the last person that can bear testimony to those we doing temple work for.  She bears her testimony to the person she is acting as proxy for.


Sealing – Sister Zeng commented that sealing is so powerful.  It is central to Heavenly Father’s love.  Sister Gomes commented that her grandfather said she would to come to Temple Square on her mission.  He was not a member of the church.  Fifteen days after his death he came to her and asked her if she could help him be dressed in white.  A year later her brother was baptized for her grandfather.  She knows that he accepted the baptism.  Sister Brito was prompted to ask her grandma for names.  Her grandmother sent 12 names for Sister Brito to do the work for.  Sister Leyes said that baptism and confirmation are ordinances of salvation and in the temple they are ordinances of exaltation.


The Saving Ordinances -   D&C 64:33 and D&C 18:15-17 were read.  We are personal saviors for names we do in the temple.


Uniting Families Again – Sister Kratzer read the following quote from Joseph Smith.  “Go forward and not backward.  Courage, sisters, and on, on to the victory!  Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad.  Let the earth break forth into singing.  Let the dead speak forth anthems of eternal praise to the King Immanuel, who hath ordained, before the world was, that which would enable us to redeem them out of their prison, for the prisoners shall go free.”  Sister Sine was able to take two generations of names to the temple.


Closing Hymn:  Families Can Be Together Forever #300

Closing Prayer:  Sister Ward


These are the new missionaries that arrived on September 6, 2016

 Back row left to right:  Sisters Zhou, Jeong, Cochain, Boyd, Hulme, Cysewski, Wilson, Huie and Roberts

Middle row left to right:  Sisters Pilapitiya, Phasomkla, Fuimaono, Murillo, Gemio, Shine, Rubio, Tuttle, and Shumway

Front row left to right:  Sisters Troncoso, Wight, Pierre, Cox, Ripa, Sookhoo, Oeser, and Kampan