1. Essential Components of the Instructor/Learner Relationship
  1. Move from communication = Q and A style to communication = negotiating meaning, expression, and interpretation
  2. Main Roles of Instructor
  1. facilitator of communication between ALL participants
  2. interdependent participant within group of learners
  1. Secondary Roles
  1. a guide
  1. classroom procedures and activities
  2. looking for potential
  1. shape individual and group knowledge
  2. exploitation of abilities during learning
  1. Maintain and establish culture of communication
  1. who can talk to whom
  2. about what
  3. in what ways
  4. for how long
  5. in what language
  6. in what atmosphere
  1. Example from my classroom: Task based Persona Illustris
  1. Build up - Discipulus Illustris (La Persona Especial)
  1. Credit: Bryce Hedstrom
  1. Task Based - White Elephant
  1. Credit: Rachel Ash
  1. Instructional Event
  1. Refers to
  1. single activity viewed as whole
  2. whole lesson
  1. instructor controls environment
  1. time constrains all instruction
  1. instructors frame event
  1. purpose
  2. place in sequence
  3. expected outcome
  1. Conclusions
  1. communication naturally comes to an end
  2. we ought to try to make our communication come to an end
  1. Equity of Voice
  1. varying pattern of calling on groups
  2. involving each person in the conclusion helps evenly distribute
  1. A question: Should instructors provide examples by:
  1. asking the questions students may ask each other?
  2. asking similar questions to what students may ask, but NOT the same?