Searching with Solr

How to GITify Your Changes: The Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Way

Microdata: Making Metadata Matter for Machines

Data Quality in Evergreen

How to Choose the Right Hardware for PostgreSQL and Evergreen

There and Back Again, Again

Searching with Solr aka “Is Solr rad? Solr is soooo rad”

David Busby, assoc. w/ King County Library System

A: Anyone with a good idea of how to fix call numbers & branches issue with being properly limited to the right branch, etc.: Let us know!

A: Update necessary. If status of item changes, EG knows but Solr won’t know immediately.

A: Via a trigger (available on GitHub), trying to avoid inserting into busy table by leaning on UDP packets for the update.

A: Doubt someone will.

A: Glanced at it, but haven’t looked at it. Will it be our community building future?

A: Doesn’t work with the scale that libraries might need. Trigger will work with API services like Summon, etc. so that you can have a multichannel approach. Suggest that you look at that before progressing further.

Comments: Finnish national library use VuFind and the Dutch has implemented VuFind OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative - Protocol for Metadata Harvesting)

A1:No, it would be great if Solr could be implemented as a part of Evergreen b/c EG search needs to be improved.

Note: Patch that provides trigger table - written by an evergreen dev but needs more attention from community in order to keep up.

Dan Scott: Trigger hinges on call numbers, availability change, etc. Status update not an issue in EG.

Q posed: Polling small table every 2 minutes, lightweight solution—but how do we integrate into TPAC?

A: RESTful API talking to Aleph

A1: Yes, no Aleph screen. Does EG could have those APIs to tie in?

A2: Well...Dutch made this OAI that could be used.

Maybe for v2.5...

A: Don’t think could answer on-spot. With the ppl in this room, would be in a year, but requires a lot of commitment. Progress so far is result of 20 man-hours spread out over available free time.

Impromptu: Demo for via Steve - Uses VuFind on top of Solr for (in-catalogue) discovery.

How to GITify Your Changes: The Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy Way

Melissa Lefebvre

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2) ….

3) How to pull code from the community

ALL within windows environment

Using Git locally, upgrading and not losing changes.

How to contribute to community using git

How do I connect to EG Repository?

11 steps to contribute code to community

1) Open git gui & switch branches to ‘master’

2)Open git bash & cd to working repos on C drive

3)Type git pull

4)Switch back to git GUI and create a new branch called

username you were given/module description

5) Edit the file(s) in NotePad++ (recommended)

[Do not use tab! makes alignment iffy, use spaces/ convert tabs to spaces. in v.5.9, Edit -> Blank Operations -> TAB to Space]

6) Rescan

7) Stage your change

8) Write your commit message

9) Sign-off

10) Commit

11) Push to your working branch

Can see the commitlog & double check

Don’t forget the bug ticket

1) Copy commit ID from commit you want to test

Helpful git resources: PP slide of resources

Suggestion: Do it in baby steps

Microdata Structured Data: Making Metadata Matter for Machines

Dan Scott |

Data Quality in Evergreen

Galen Charlton

How to Choose the Right Hardware for PostgreSQL and Evergreen

Joshua Drake (Command Line, Inc.)



There and Back Again, Again

Rogan Hamby, Robin Johnson & Galen Charlton

Why Youtube kills your bandwidth

gathering some intelligence

Networking within EG

Questions/Comments/War Stories

Teach a Man to Fish; Or, How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Solve Problems with Open SRF

Mike Rylander & Erica Rohlfs

Teach a man to ShareStuff: A followup to Sharing is Caring


Home Grown RFID for Evergreen

Bill Ott (Grand Rapids Public Library)


Works with Evergreen: Practical Approaches to Integration

Jeff Godin (Traverse Area District Library)

Part 1 Practical Approaches

EG Integration Points


OpenSRF client Libraries

OpenSRF gateway and translator

Using the gateway


“let me sing you the song of my people”


what it’s not: