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Columbia Grove Covenant Church Discipline Policy
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Columbia Grove Covenant Church Discipline Policy

Discipline in the church is not punishment. It is discipline and discipline is designed to train and restore in the love of Jesus Christ.





  1. Discipline must be done, by anyone who lives in the Spirit, with a kind, patient, humble, and gentle nature (Gal. 6:1-2).
  2. It must be done without bias or favoritism (1 Tim. 5:21).
  3. It must be done in love and out of respect for Christ’s body (Eph. 4:15-16) by any member of the church who lives in the Spirit (ref 1).
  4. It is the member’s responsibility to personally talk with the member first (Matt. 18:15).
  5. If the member will not listen, take one or two other members as witnesses (Matt. 18:16).
  6. If the member still does not listen bring them before the leadership team (Matt. 18:17).  At this time the leadership team will derive an action plan that the member must complete in order to retain membership.
  7. If the member shows no signs or willingness to change then their membership, not their ability to attend the church, is to be removed from them (Matt. 18:17).