User Progress and Review Status

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User Progress and Review Status

User Progress and Review Status

User Progress enables the instructor to see at a glance which students have access to a piece of content and whether an item has been marked as reviewed.

To view User Progress:

  1.  Navigate to the content area that has the item(s) you want to inspect.

  1. Click on the chevron () associated with the item you want to view.

  1. Select the option User Progress.

  1. On the next page, you will be able to view a report about the visibility and review status of the item. An example is pictured below.

  • The Visibility column allows you to check if individual users in the course have access to the content you are inspecting.

  • An open eye means the item is visible to the user.

  • An eye with a red line through it means the item is invisible.

  • The Reviewed column allows you to see if individual users have looked at the content item, and manually checked it off as completed.

  • The item is reviewed if a check appears in the Reviewed column.

  • The item has not been reviewed if there is no check in the Reviewed column.

  • The Date Reviewed column is taken when the individual student marks the item complete.

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