ALA NH Chapter Councilor’s Report

ALA Annual 2015

San Francisco, CA

Amy Lappin, NH Chapter Councilor, 2013-2015

Below are the highlights of Council Meetings from ALA Annual in San Francisco. I have mostly included votes on action items and have pared down much of the discussion regarding the items. As always, I am happy to answer any questions about my time there. If you are interested in more information regarding any of the items below, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Council I:

Action Item: ALA Awards Committee Report introduced a new ALA-level award, the Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr. Award for Innovation, and Service to Community and Profession for a public library director who demonstrates leadership in anticipating emerging trends in services, products and technologies that will enhance the library’s position in its community.  The candidate shall be an administrator in a public library setting who participates in the life of the community using membership in and volunteer service through a broad range of community organizations and projects.  Sharing these traits and philosophies through active participation in professional activities will be a plus. The award will be $5000 cash annually.  -- motion passed. Voted yes. CD #7

Action Item: Adoption of the ALA Strategic Directions ALA CD#37 replaces the ALA 2015 plan. Motion passed. Voted yes.


ALA Constitution and Bylaws Committee Report to Council presented by Jim Rettig. Action Item: Recommendation that Council approve an amendment to the ALA Constitution as a first step towards placing the amendment on the spring 2016 ballot for a vote by the ALA Membership. Resolved, that the following amendment to the ALA Constitution be approved so that at the 2016 Midwinter Meeting Council can consider placing the amendment on the spring 2016 ballot for the membership’s vote:

Amend Article X of the ALA Constitution to state:

Section 1.  National or international organizations having purposes similar to those of the Association or to one or more of the Association’s subdivisions may request to become an affiliate of the Association.  Requests for affiliation are subject to Council’s approval.

Section 2.  The Association or any subdivision thereof may request to become an affiliate with national or international organizations having purposes similar to those of the Association or to one or more of the Association’s subdivisions.  However no subdivision of the Association may separately affiliate itself with an organization with which the Association is affiliated.

Debate came up about “subdivisions” would this include roundtables? Definition of “subdivisions” was unclear. Some members felt this change is a policy change and not just housekeeping. A proposal was made to Refer CD#25.1 back to Constitution and Bylaws Committee. Motion passed. Voted yes.

Review of Executive Board Actions since the 2015 Midwinter Meeting, Keith Michael Fiels, Executive Director and Secretary to the Council, ALA CD#15.1-15.2

Implementation of the 2015 ALA Midwinter Meeting Council Actions, Keith Michael Fiels,ALA Executive Director and Secretary to the ALA Council, ALA CD#9.1

New Business

Action Item: Resolution on the Importance of Sustainable Libraries, ALA CD#36 Modeled after a successful NYLA resolution. 94% of attendees at the ALA Virtual Membership meeting in June voted yes on this resolution. Resolution asked us to factor this into decision-making and to make sustainability a factor in all that we do. This articulates the direction the association is already heading in.

Motion passed. Voted yes.

Action Item: A Resolution Denouncing the Systemic Racism That Motivated The South Carolina Shootings, presented by ALA President Courtney L. Young, ALA CD#43

Amendment made to expand the #4 clause from librarians to library staff to be more inclusive of all library workers. Added with consent.

A motion was made to strike the first resolve and to change the title to “Resolution Denouncing the Systemic Racism” as not to focus on one particular incident. Other councilors spoke against the motion to amend and argued that using this incident which took the life of a library worker strengthens the resolution and recommended voting against this amendment to expand the clause. The motion failed. Voted against the amendment.

Returned to the resolution. An amendment was introduced to change the first clause, to begin, “denounces racially and politically motivated violence as exemplified by the shootings….” The resolution passed as amended. Voted yes.

Resolution on Libraries and Schools Affected by the Conflict in Gaza and Israel in 2014, ALA CD#40, Rev.

Motion failed. Voted no.

Resolution Against Mass Surveillance of the American People, ALA CD#42. Motion to refer resolution to COL/IFC Joint Committee. Motion passed. Voted yes.

Council II may have been the shortest Council session in history! It was about 35 minutes long.

Opened with a moment of silence for Cynthia Hurd, a librarian who died in the shootings in a South Carolina church the week before ALA Annual..

Reports of ALA/Council Committees

Recognition of Retiring Councilors and Executive Board Members                

International Relations Committee (IRC), Loida A. Garcia-Febo, chair, ALA CD#18.2

Committee on Organization (COO), Mary E. Rzepczynski, chair, ALA CD#27.1 Action Item: Clarifying ALA Executive Council term limits. Motion passed. Voted yes.

Reports of Special Committees

Freedom to Read Foundation, Julius C. Jefferson, Jr., President, ALA CD#22.1 including updates on court cases being argued by the FTRF.

New Business

Resolution on Improving Access to Spanish & Bilingual Books for Children in Detention Center, ALA CD#38 Rev. Deferred to Council III

Council III

Memorials, Tributes and Testimonals Courtney L. Young, ALA President


Gail A. Schlachter, M-#18

David Cohen, M-#19

Charles Benton, M-#20

Cynthia D. Clark, M-#21

Ruth C. Carter, M-#22

William Vernon Jackson, M-#23

Elizabeth H. (Betsy) Park, M-#24

Floyd C. Dickman, M-#25

Cynthia G. Hurd, M-#26

Zoia Horn, M-#27


Jessie Carney Smith, T-#6

25th Anniversary of the Signing of the American’s with Disabilities Act (ADA), T-#7

35th Anniversary of the Asian/Pacific American Librarians Association (APALA), T-#8

Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, MD, T-#9

50th Anniversary of the National Endowment for the Humanities, T-#10

Reports of Officers

ALA Treasurer’s Report

Approval of the Annual Estimates of Income & FY2016 Budgetary Ceiling for FY2016, Mario M. Gonzalez, ALA CD#13.3

Reports of ALA/Council Committees

Report of the Tellers, Councilor Denise Zielinski, chair, ALA CD#12.3

Committee on Legislation, Ann Ewbank, Incoming Chair, ALA CD#20.2-20.3-

Action Item: Resolution on the Passage of the USA Freedom Act and Reaffirming ALA’s Commitment to Surveillance Law Reform

A wild ride of debate involving amendments, amendments to amendments, and referrals. In the end it was referred back to COL/IFC.

Intellectual Freedom Committee, Ma’Lis Wendt, IFC Member, ALA CD#19.2-ALA CD#19.7

19.3 Internet Filtering: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

19.4 Labeling Systems: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

19.5 Rating Systems: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights

All passed without discussion (had been discussed all week at Council and Forums, as well as much discussion over Council listserv over the past few months.) Voted yes on all.

New Business

Resolution on Gun Violence, Councilors Al Kagan and Jane Glasby, ALA CD#45, Revised_62915

An amendment was offered to the second clause: will work with state chapters and affiliates to support legislation that allows the prohibition of the carrying of guns in or near libraries and educational institutions.  

Council approved the amendment to the resolution. Council also approved striking the last “whereas” clause. The amended resolution was approved.

Amendment passed. I voted no (I am fine with the amendment as passed, but voted no as I thought the original language was broader and stronger.)

Motion passed as revised. I voted yes.

Resolution to Endorse Statement from the Movement for Black Lives on Charleston Shooting, ALA Councilors Jane Glasby and Al Kagan, ALA CD#46 Motion passed. Voted yes.

Resolution on Improving Access to Spanish, Bilingual, and Books in Various Languages for Children in Detention Centers, ALA Councilors Denice Adkins and Mike Marlin, Mario Gonzalez, ALA Treasurer, ALA CD#38, Revised-2_62915 Motion passed. Voted yes.


Keith Michael Fiels, ALA Executive Director and ALA Secretary of Council announced final attendance numbers 22,696 (compared to 19,889 in Las Vegas and 23, 545 in Chicago.)

ALA Midwinter 2016 will be in Boston.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amy Lappin

NHLA ALA Councilor, 2013-2015

Deputy Director

Lebanon Public Libraries

Lebanon, NH