What is Australia? - Group Diagram Task


Task Description:




Your group is required to Create and present to the class a diagram answering the question: “What is Australia?”

In Year 9 Social Studies you are about to complete a research unit on an aspect of Australia. The purpose of this investigation is to gain a broad overview of a range of aspects of Australia.

Using your group’s knowledge, and investigative tools, your group is to create and present to the class a diagram giving a broad overview that includes a range of significant aspects to describe Australia.

  • You should show any connections (relationships) between the different aspects in the diagram
  • You should give clear and relevant descriptions or meanings of the aspects of Australia (if needed)
  • You should prioritise what is more important to include or not include in your diagram
    space will be limited to A3 size)

Task Description:

  1. All Group Members MUST contribute to the task
  2. The Final diagram MUST be done in Lucidchart (If you have not used Lucidchart before then use this “Getting started with Lucidchart” introduction first)
  1. Everyone open your school Lucidchart account (via Gmail or Docs as shown in the diagram on the right)
  2. ONE GROUP MEMBER create and share one chart named “What is Australia? - group members names”
  3. Also share the chart with your teacher callagherm@pnbhs.school.nz and give the teacher ownership
  4. Change the page Layout settings to A3. It is up to you if you want to work in Portrait or Landscape
    (go to File → Page setup…)
  1. It is recommended that your group follow a process similar to this:
  1. Share a Google Doc with your group and brainstorm ideas and start to outline the significant aspects of Australia that you would like to include in the diagram
  2. Your group should start Lucidchart diagraming your ideas after discussing together how you want to put your ideas on the diagram
  3. Be prepared to modify and adapt your diagram as you think of new ideas and ways to present your information
  1. The diagram is to be presented to the class (5 minutes for each group) in a lesson early next term



The Assessment will be completed using SOLO Taxonomy

Group/Student Name:

My level of thinking and learning is...

Task: Create & Present a Diagram clearly describing Australia


I am not sure about...

A diagram shows no understanding of Australia.


I have one relevant idea about...

A single aspect of Australia is identified, named and labelled in a diagram.


I have several ideas about...

A number of aspects of Australia are identified, named and labelled in a diagram.


I have several ideas about…
I can link them to the big picture...

A number of significant aspects are identified, organised and classified with connected relationships in a diagram.


Extended Abstract

I have several ideas about…
I can link them to the big picture...
I can look at them in a new and different way...

Most Significant aspects are identified, organised and classified with connected relationships in a diagram.

Prioritisation of material has been carefully considered during the process and descriptions are clearly and concisely explained.

The group has put the different aspects of the diagram into a bigger picture context.    New, different and interesting ways of looking at Australia may also have been considered in the diagram.