Instructor : Pam Russell

Pigeon Forge High School

Fall 2016-17

Course Title: Music History  

Room Number: 115

Telephone:  865-774-5790



Text: Music! It’s Role and Importance in Our Lives

Required Supplies: You will need paper and folder or a notebook and a pen or pencil .


Course Overview:  This is a class where we will study the main aspects of music. Music notation, dynamics, rhythm, and styles of music and composers.


1st 6 weeks:  Music in our culture, Dynamic markings, Treble and Bass clef staff notation, Rhythm, Study Renaissance and Baroque Music Eras and Composers,

Henry Purcell, J.S. Bach, George F. Handel.


2nd 6 weeks: Ragtime music, Motown Music, Styles of Dance, Vocal music (Voice Classifications), Blues Music, Jazz Music.  Classical and Baroque Era and composers of those eras: Ludwig Beethoven, Wolfgang Mozart, Igor Tchaikovsky, Johann Strauss.


3rd 6 weeks: Music of Romantic Era, 20th and 21st century music.  Types of Love Songs,

Ceremony and Celebration songs(Patriotic, Wedding, Graduations Etc.) Opera, Musical Theatre, Music in Films, Country and Rock-N-Roll. Composers: John Phillip Sousa, G. Rossini, Claude Debussy, Leonard Bernstein, Rodgers and Hammerstein, Andrew Lloyd Webber, John Larson.


Each Week we will have a written test over the chapter and material covered that week.

The worksheets, study guides, puzzles, essays and participation are daily grades.

We usually play a review game each week and have a quiz of some sort to review for test.


Course Objectives

State standards for teaching and learning in this course and others are available at


Major Projects/Field Trips:  The Student will write a report on their favorite musical artist, musical group or composer.  The Report must include when the artist was born and where.

How they got started in the business, famous songs or works and any awards they have achieved.  The student will get a daily grade for the rough draft and a test grade for the written paper.  They will also read the report to the class which will also be a test grade.



Per Sevier County Board of Education policy, daily grades will count as two-thirds of a student’s final average while test grades will count as the final one-third.   Deductions will be made for unexcused absences and tardies.  The semester exam will count as 20% of the student’s final grade for the course when averaged with the grades from each marking period.  Progress reports are distributed at the three week point of each six weeks grading period.


Parental Access to Instructional Materials

Pursuant to Tennessee Code 49-6-7003, parents or guardians may request access to any teaching materials, instructional materials, and other teaching aids used in the classroom as well as any tests developed or graded by the teacher.  In order to facilitate this request, parents/guardians are asked to submit a request for such review via letter, email, or phone conversation prior to an established meeting for said review.