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Brush School District RE-2(J)

To Learn is to Live!!!  (our motto)

TPS is dedicated to making sure every student learns their academics, especially reading. Students will learn respect and positive behaviors necessary to become successful learners in a fun, friendly, and nurturing environment where all staff, students, and families feel safe and welcome.



Thomson Primary School believes in empowering staff to work positively and collaboratively to promote an atmosphere of collegiality, achievement, citizenship, and trust at all levels of the learning community.

Norms For Staff:

Norms with Students:

Norms with families/community:

Brush School District offers educational programs, activities, and opportunities for students without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, ancestry, creed, disability or need for special education services. Reference Board Policy AC and Board Policy AC-R.


Brush Public Schools are open to all children between the ages of five and twenty-one.  For the 2018-19 school year a child must be 5 years old before June 15, 2018 in order to enroll in Kindergarten or 6 years old before June 15, 2018 to enter First Grade (if First grade is the child's initial school experience).  Parents must provide copies of their child's birth certificate, immunization record, a social security number, a completed language survey form, and a current phone number when registering.

Parents transferring their child to Thomson Primary School should also present records of attendance, academic achievement, and grade placement (in addition to information noted above).  If parents do not have these records a "Request for Records" form will be completed and sent to the previous school to have records transferred here.  An immunization record must be presented prior to the child being allowed to attend school.

Attendance and Excuses:  Each year the Board of Education establishes the attendance period by adopting a school calendar and scheduling the prescribed days for school attendance.  Students are required to be in attendance when school is in session.  The school has established an attendance goal at 98%.  One very important factor in student success in school is regular attendance.  Frequent absences often lead to poor academic work resulting in failure in school.  Regular attendance is very important for school interest, social adjustment, and scholastic achievement.  No single factor may interfere with a student’s progress more quickly than frequent tardiness or absences.

Compulsory school attendance:  Attendance in school is mandatory in the State of Colorado.  As a part of the student’s permanent record, the school will maintain accurate documentation of student attendance, individual progress, achievements and grades.  A student can be considered “habitually truant.”  In accordance with the State of Colorado compulsory attendance statute, penalties can and will be levied where parents are found to be negligent in seeing that their children are in school.

Excused and Unexcused Absences:  To be considered excused, telephone notification and/or written excuses addressed to the attendance secretary are required from the parent/guardian.  State law requires attendance at school.  It is expected that parents will be responsible for regular and timely attendance of their children at school.  Absences beyond 10 days, with insufficient information as to why the child was absent, will necessitate a school conference between the assistant principal, counselor, classroom teacher, and parent.  The school will review students with 15 or more days of absence for possible FACT conferences and attendance plans.  This could result in a truancy case. Absent letters will be sent when students miss 5, 10, 15, 20, excused absences.  

Unexcused absences may result in academic penalty for classes missed while unexcused.  The principal determines whether or not the absence is excused.  If you know your child is going to be absent prior to that time, please call and let the office and the teacher know and make the arrangements for the work to be completed so your child will not fall behind.

Excused absences are:

A written excuse that is signed by the parent or guardian, is to be presented to the teacher or secretary when the student returns to school before or following the absence within two weeks.

Tardiness:  Unexcused tardiness at school may result in the assignment of make-up time.  Continued tardiness may result in a conference with the teacher, principal and/or a call to parents. Three tardies is also = to 1 absence so getting here on time is important.  

Early Student Dismissal:  As a precaution for the personal safety of each child, when early dismissal becomes essential from his/her daily schedule, the parent must visit the office to properly release the student and notify the teacher.  A sign-out sheet is kept in the office for this purpose.  We will not release any student to anyone other than parents or legal guardians or those on the Infinite Campus contact list.

If your child arrives after 8:05 a.m. your child is considered tardy. You must come to the office and sign them in.   Your child will be given a pink tardy slip to give to his/her teacher.  Tardy’s do impact the child’s education, social skills, as well as those of every other child in the class.  Frequent tardy’s (10 or more) will also result in a meeting with the Principal and counselor.  



Children should not arrive at school before 7:30.  All children will report through the cafeteria to eat/or punch their number in prior to going to the gym or outside.  During inclement weather, students will report to the cafeteria or Gym until classes begin.  If the temperature drops below 22 degrees Fahrenheit, students will remain in the building during recess times.  Children should come to school in appropriate clothing and with proper outerwear for outdoor extremes.

When dropping your child off, please have them exit your vehicle in the drop-off loop on the sidewalk side, rather than on the driving side of the loop.  Children and patrons are to use the crosswalks when coming to or leaving the school grounds.  

Thank you for dropping your child off in the morning and refraining from entering the building for safety reasons. Mornings are particularly congested times near the office. We only ask you to wait to visit after the second bell has rung at 8:00 AM. This helps our school be a safe place as we keep better track of adults in the school. Please come visit. You are welcome here.


Students at Thomson Primary School will be dismissed at various locations. Kindergartners will dismiss outside of the kindergarten wing near the picnic tables from the red library door. First graders will dismiss outside near the cafeteria doors. Second grade students will dismiss out the front doors.  Students are not to return to school after dismissal.  No child will be retained in school by the teacher unless the parent has been contacted by that teacher. We ask that parents wait outside of the school to pick up their children rather than meeting them in the room or hallway.  Students will remain with their teacher until the known parent or guardian picks the child up.  Students who are left at the school after 3:15 will be brought back into the office to wait for their parents to come and get them.  

Thomson students must have a note signed by their parent(s) to make a change in their regular routine.  (Students must have a signed note to ride a school bus or a different bus than their usual route, or, they must have a signed note if they are departing the building with someone different than their usual pick-up person).

Only the principal, nurse or secretary has the authority to dismiss a child early from school.  Students will be released only to persons designated by parents.  You must sign your child out  in the office before exiting the school.

Teachers will not dismiss a child from school prior to the end of the school day or into any person's custody without the direct prior approval and knowledge of the building principal/AP or secretary and parent.

Additional precautions may be taken by the building principal/AP as needs arise to assure that children are released only for the proper reasons and into the proper hands.

Occasionally, because of unexpected severe weather or civil defense warnings, it may be necessary for school officials to dismiss the pupils before the end of the school day.  Parents can plan for this emergency by making arrangements for their children to get into the home or to stay with neighbors.  The district’s Parent Broadcast System will be utilized in this case, to inform families by phone of the dismissal time.  It is a parent’s responsibility to update the Thomson office when phone numbers change to ensure that they are on the calling list.  It can be difficult for the school to inform each parent when such emergencies arise.  In cases of severe storms, 850 AM KOA radio in Denver, 1010 KSIR & 1400 KFTM in Fort Morgan, our district website, mass phone calls and television will broadcast notices of early dismissal and whether or not the School District will have classes.  If school is to be dismissed because of inclement weather conditions the announcement will be made anytime after 6:30 a.m.

Drop-off/Pick-up Areas

In the event that you transport children to/from school, please use the parking on the north or south sides of the school to park your vehicle.  Then you may leave your vehicle to escort your child to and from the building. NO CHILD IS ALLOWED UNATTENDED IN THE PARKING LOT.  You may also use the South Student Pick-Up/Drop Off Loop if you do not wish to get out of your vehicle with students exiting the car on the sidewalk side of the car.  Please do not leave your vehicle unattended in the  north or south drop off loop, it blocks traffic and buses.


Please notify the school office as soon as you know that your child will be moving to another district.  Your child's teacher will then complete a transfer form, sharing academic information, in order to make your child's transition to a new school easier.

Please return all textbooks, library books, and other school materials.  Also, parents/guardians must pay all charges made through the cafeteria before withdrawing your child.



There is no initial textbook charge.  However, fines will be assessed for lost or damaged books, this includes library books and unpaid lunch balances.  In order to receive report cards, there must be no outstanding fines or missing materials. Events and trips may be withheld if fines are not paid.


Supply lists are available in the secretary’s office or found online.


A monthly newsletter is sent home with each student.  Please look for these, as they will have updates and important information about upcoming events.  The Brush Public School’s website ( is another way that district-wide calendar information is communicated and you may also utilize this site to connect with your child’s teacher and administrator.  


Students will be expected to keep themselves neatly groomed at all times.  Any form of dress, accessory, or hairstyle which is considered contrary to good hygiene or which is distractive in appearance, will not be permitted. Shirts advertising alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, or those with obscene or suggestive slogans or questionable printing on them will not be permitted.  Short shorts, tube tops, halter tops, muscle shirts, high heel shoes, and see through blouses are not allowed at school.  Tank tops with 1.5-inch straps and regular armholes will be permitted. All shirts must touch the waistband of the student's pants.   Underclothing may not be exposed.  Oversized, baggy pants or clothing will not be permitted as well as any that expose the underwear.  Pants need to be the proper length and not drag or impede the walking or running of a student. Pajamas are not permitted unless it is a special event. Students whose appearance is not acceptable will call home for a change of clothing.  If the parent cannot be reached, proper clothing may be provided.   During special events, such as plays, field days or field trips, teachers may encourage students to dress accordingly.  Parents will be informed at these times.


At Thomson Primary School, conferences are held two times each year.  At this time, parents and teachers will share information about student progress.

Please mark these conference dates on your calendar:  

October 14                        Parent/Teacher Conferences        4:00 – 8:00 p.m.

October 17                        Parent//Teacher Conferences        4:00 – 8:00 p.m.


February 10                        Parent/Teacher Conferences        4:00 – 8:00 p.m.

February 13                        Parent/Teacher Conferences        4:00 – 8:00 p.m.

Individual conferences may be arranged at any time throughout the year to supplement the regularly scheduled conferences by calling the school office to make an appointment with the teacher or principal/AP.

The Parent/Student/Teacher Conference is an opportunity for you to communicate with your child's teacher, exchange information, and help develop the best possible educational program for your child.  Here are some suggestions to help make your conference a success:


        1.  Make a list of things you want to tell the teacher about your child, so the teacher can understand your child better.  (Health, attitude toward school, any emotional problems, hobbies and interests, strengths and weaknesses are some items to consider.)

        2.  Make a list of what to ask the teacher about your child.  Any complaints?  Ask your child what he or she would like you to discuss with his/her teacher.  Schoolwork?  Tests?  Attitude?


        3. If only one parent can attend the conference, ask your spouse for ideas and suggestions before you meet with the teacher.

        4.  Close the conference by reviewing any goals, actions and ideas with the teacher that will help your child.

        5.  Post the goals that are set between student, parent and teacher in a prominent place at home so that there is a daily reminder to focus on the goals at home.


When homework is assigned, the amount and frequency will be based on the individual pupil's needs.  In other instances, homework may be make-up work.  Please contact your child's teacher regarding homework concerns.

Responsibilities of Parents:

        Establish routines related to study times and study habits

        Provide a suitable environment and study area that is consistent every night

        Reduce distractions

        Provide encouragement

        Communicate with the school/teacher if the child has difficulties.

        Do not do the work for them.

        Make sure your student gets the proper amount of sleep.

        Work on reading skills or even just read with your student

Responsibilities of Students:

        Keep track of homework assignments (class folder, Friday folder, etc…)

        Follow the routines related to study times and study habits your parents develop

        Keep the distractions to a minimum

        Believe you can do the work

        Ask for help if you need to

        Work hard

        Finish the work on time AND return it to your teacher


Free or Reduced forms are available from the school secretary. Online payment is preferred. You may use your Parent Portal on Infinite Campus to do so.

Meal Costs are as follows:

Breakfast:         Free for students. Prices are subject to change at the beginning of the school year.

Lunch:              $2.80  Prices are subject to change at the beginning of the school year.

Adults:            $3.85  Prices are subject to change at the beginning of the school year.

If you pay by check, bring your payment and collect a receipt.  Sometimes our 5-9 yr. old children lose money parents send.

Parents are welcome to join their child for breakfast or lunch.  If you would like to purchase a school lunch as a guest, please contact the school by 10:00 so that our cafeteria staff can prepare a meal for you.  If you choose to bring a lunch from home, please consider that other students might not have opportunities for an elaborate lunch.  Please remember to keep it simple or choose a private table when eating with your child at school. You must make pre-arrangements with the teacher and school if you wish to stay with your student during the school day.

Children bringing sack lunches will report to the cafeteria with their class.  They are discouraged from bringing pop and candy.  Milk may be purchased at $.50 per carton.  


Please mark all of your child's belongings with his or her name.  A “Lost and Found” cupboard is located in the main foyer.  Unclaimed items are eventually given to local, worthy organizations.


Please do not allow children to bring toys, or objects of great monetary value to school.  Anything we consider a distraction to the learning environment will be taken from the student and returned to the parent when possible.  Money should be put in a sealed envelope and labeled with the child’s name and for what specific purposes (i.e. "lunch money", "book fair", "school pictures", etc.).

Sometimes young children are curious or don’t understand that our state law requires that knives and other dangerous weapons (even a toy gun can be mistaken as a threat) are NOT allowed in schools.  Please talk to your child about this law and ensure that your child’s pockets and backpacks are not carrying toys or other objects that could be considered a weapon or a facsimile.  Suspension and/or expulsion is mandatory for students who possess weapons.


Please contact your child's teacher for the best time to host a party.  Holidays are marked on the school district’s calendar.  Parents are encouraged to volunteer as room-parents; teachers will contact volunteers before each holiday party for specific help. Contact your child's teacher for information regarding the possibility of allergies of children in the room.  Store bought treats with the ingredient labels are only allowed for parties.  Please do not send homemade treats!!  


To avoid hurt feelings, we ask that if you are handing out birthday or party invitations to your child’s classmates, that you either invite the entire class or send them through the mail.  It is not the teacher’s responsibility to handle this personal task.


Student Safety is our number one concern. We love to have you visit and help chaperone on our trips. Please refrain from bringing entire families/siblings on TPS field trips. These are meant to be special learning opportunities for TPS students rather than family vacations. Fewer people keeps our focus on our little ones who attend TPS and this helps us keep them safe.


Students will not be called to the telephone from class except in cases of emergency.  Messages will be delivered to a student.  Permission is needed from the teacher or secretary for a student to use the telephone.  After school plans need to be made before school starts.

We encourage parents to contact the school for any message needing to be delivered to the student prior to 10:00 a.m. (for morning only students) and 2:30 p.m.  It is very difficult to deliver messages during the last few minutes before dismissal time.  After 2:45 we cannot guarantee that your child will receive messages in a timely manner. Your cooperation is appreciated.


The Thomson Accountability Committee (P.T.A.C.) is comprised of staff members, Preschool accountability members, parents and community patrons.  Anyone is welcome to volunteer to be a member of the committee.  The committee meets at various times during the school year. Refer to the monthly newsletters for times to be determined. The purpose of the committee is to determine and represent the community point of view, be an advisory board to the principal, raise funds for student/school materials and assist in the development and implementation of the school improvement plan.  All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend.


If your child is unable to participate in gym and/or go outside during recess, please send a dated note with your child.  All children are expected to participate in all school activities.


Medications are rarely necessary for pupils during the day.  They are justified in some chronic health conditions or short-term acute health conditions. Students shall not be permitted to take medication while at school unless such medicine is administered by a trained school employee under the written instructions of the student's physician.  (Morgan County physicians have these forms available in their offices.) All medications must be safeguarded in the nurse's office.


When we receive a report of lice, the nurse may do a classroom check.  Any children with live lice will be sent home. Those with nits may remain at school, and parents will be notified.   If notified,  parents should treat the child at home that evening with a lice killing product and a nit comb to remove the eggs.  The school nurse will recheck the child before he/she may re-enter the classroom.


Teachers encourage students not to share items that touch the head.  Children may keep their coats in their backpack instead of hanging them up on the hooks. Our custodians clean and vacuum all rooms daily.  Aggressive treatment of upholstered furniture with insecticides at school is strongly discouraged because this is not a common means of transmission and it would expose all the children to the chemical residue. 


Free Breakfast is served daily. Children who do not want to eat, enter their number, put the food on the “no thank-you” table, and wait to be excused to the gym. Eating breakfast is not mandatory while punching their number in is.


Lost/stolen property is not the responsibility of TPS. However, we will do everything we can to help recover missing items.


TPS is very aware of our students and the surroundings. However, accidents do happen which TPS is not liable for and we work hard to keep our students and staff safe.


The Board of Education has adopted student conduct policies and student discipline policies.  They are designed to help provide a safe environment in which all students can learn and grow.  Please take the time to become familiar with the policies.

Policies:        File: JIC Student Conduct.

                File: JK Student Discipline


The staff of Thomson Primary is aware of the importance of a safe environment.  We have implemented PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) into our school.  We follow PAW Pride here at Thomson.

Positive Attitude

Always be Respectful

Wise Choices

This system sets clear expectations of rules and behaviors. It focuses on teaching student’s behaviors with positive reinforcement and also how students will be disciplined if needed.  We are trying to create the safest and most positive environment possible to maximize learning in the classroom.  If you would like additional information regarding our PBIS system please contact the school counselor.

Destroying school property, bringing a weapon to school (or even a toy weapon), stealing, fighting, possession of drugs, bullying, or intentionally hurting another student or adult may result in immediate suspension. State law mandates that certain offenses are automatic expulsion.  Disrupting the learning environment will not be tolerated. 


If the outside “feels like” temperature falls below 22 degrees according to the office computer site, students shall remain indoors for recess. During times when the temperature is changing frequently, the intercom will be used to announce recess plans.  Parents, please encourage your students to wear appropriate attire for 22 degree weather.


Dear Parents and Guardians:

Welcome to Thomson Primary School. We are proud of our dedicated,

experienced staff and enthusiastic learners!

As demands and complexities of teaching children increase, it becomes more evident

that we all need to work together to ensure that our children reach their potential.

We believe that all of us – the school and the community – must work together in an

extended family environment to ensure success for all our students. We believe it is

everyone’s responsibility to empower children with the creative, intellectual, and

decision-making skills necessary for them to become academically, socially,

physically, and emotionally successful and responsible. That being said, the best thing that we can do for our kids is to work with them on reading as often as possible. The number one indicator of academic success is a good reader. Please read with your child on a daily basis!

Please be an active member of your child’s education since that shows your child that you value the education that they get. With that in mind, you are invited to be an active participant at Brush School District. We want to keep you informed of all that is taking place at school. Up-to-date

and additional information is available at our website ​​.

If you have questions or concerns that arise at any time, please do not hesitate to

give your child’s teachers or me a call. Together, we can build our students into lifelong learners and our modeling of how we learn is something that they mirror for the rest of their lives..


Doug Pfau, Principal

(970) 842-5139


Updated 12/13/19