Essential Question: How did the geography, society, and inventions of Mesopotamia develop and ultimately contribute to modern society?

Topic 1:  Geography


Find 2-3 images that you believe best illustrates/shows the geography of Mesopotamia.  Open up the shared Slides Presentation.  Write your name up at the top.  Paste  your two images on the slide.  Write your explanation of the 2-3 images on the right side.

Topic 2:  Society



Religion Article 1


Describe the religious beliefs of the people in Mesopotamian civilizations.

What gods were important?

What was the religious center?

Society Article 1

Society Article 2

Society Article 3

What role do governments play in organizing societies?

Do we currently have a hierarchy?  If so what is it?

Quiz Yourself (Take 2-3 of these quizzes, take a screenshot of your score and paste your score on the right under My Notes):

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My notes:


Create a Double Bubble Map on a piece of paper comparing one of the following:

  • Mesopotamian Religion with current religion
  • Society and social order of Mesopotamia compared to current day

Take a picture of it and post to Padlet.

Topic 3:  Achievements





Article 1

Article 2


Article 1

Article 2


Article 2

Article 3

What were the most important achievements of the Mesopotamian empires?

Explain how each invention contributed to the growth of the Mesopotamian civilizations.





Write your name using Cuneiform and take a picture of it and place it on the right of this box.


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Final Creation

You have done a lot of research about the geography, culture, religion, and inventions of the peoples of Mesopotamia.  You have been hired by the Archaeologist Association to create an article for their publication to inform the public about the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia and how it has contributed to modern society.  There should be a section for each of the four headings, as well as an image. Use Pages Newspaper Template to publish your article as a PDF and turn into Google Classroom.

Hyperdoc created by Jamie Joyce and Cheryl Fischel