-New spread

-Remove Falloff


-Normalize damage scaling (HMG Tweaks to make player damage consistent with the rifle for each weapons upgrade)


-dmg type to normal (from light)

-damage increased to 150 (from 125)

-reduce arm time to .1 (down from .17) (time it takes to detonate to prevent skulks from flying over them without taking damage)

-ehp to 50 (from 30)

-fix that mines can't be destroyed/killed during deploy time without triggering/exploding



Spread to 3.6,
Projectile size reduced by 25% (should end up being in between 326 spikes and 327 spikes)

MOVED to Bio 6

Umbra reduced to 20% reduction, reduce cloud duration to 2.5 seconds

Health rework

Reduced health by 10 and shifted 25 armor to health.
Naked lerk:

150/45 -> 190/20

cara lerk:

150/75 -> 190/40


Full Carapace REDUCED from 30 → 25


BoneShield to bio 5
BONESHIELD move speed increased from 3.3 TO 4.5

Health (without biomass) reduced to 700/450 (down from 900/450)

Health per BIOMASS increased from 30 to 50


-slight bump to initial blink acceleration


-Cloak intensity is now related to player speed.


-Webs no longer show in the kill feed

Pulse Grenades:

Damage increased to 140 from 110

Explode radius lowered to 1 from 3

Nerve Gas:

Grenade lifetime lowered from 10 to 7.5

Cloud lifetime lowered from 6 to 4.5

Cluster Grenade:

Set players and structures on fire

New damage type ClusterFlame

Similar to Flame but deals half damage to players and 25% more damage to structures.

(helps you target marines in a group of marines easier)

Search range lowered to 3 from 6
Prioritize players over buildings


Splash damage 630 → 530

Health 3000/200 → 2600 / 400