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Beaver Local School District

CEEB Code:  362988

Main Office:  (330) 386-8700

Board Office:  (330) 385-6831

District Website:

Superintendent:  Eric N. Lowe

High School Principal:  Aaron Walker

Middle School Principal:  Jake Walgate

Elementary Principal:  Brianne Hall

School Counselors:  Michael Agnew, Anne Eisenhart, BethAnne Rettos


On November 19, 1934, the Columbiana County Board of Education passed a resolution establishing the Beaver Local Rural School District.  The district is a consolidation of seven existing rural school districts at that time.  The district was named after the Little Beaver Creek, which runs through most of the district.  Later, the name was changed to the Beaver Local School District.  The high school was established in 1958.


The Beaver Local School District is a public school district serving Elk Run, Madison, Middleton and St. Clair townships in southeastern Columbiana County in the U.S. state of Ohio.

The Beaver Local School District is one of the largest rural area districts in the state, covering most of the four townships, including the villages of Rogers and Calcutta.  The total area is nearly 144 square miles.


Beaver Local School District opened a new K-12 facility in 2015 which features modern learning communities with flexible learning space.  The building also features cutting edge technology throughout.

Beaver Local School District is a public school enrolling 1776 students in grades K-12: Elementary (K-4) - 633 students, Middle School (5-8) - 558 students; High School (9-12) - 585 students.  Each grade level features six (6) classroom teachers K-8 with instructional specialists throughout.


Beaver Local works to ensure students are provided varied learning opportunities in both traditional and student centered learning to help them reach their potential.  Teachers have the ability to use a variety of resources which enable them to extend learning beyond the traditional school house walls and allow students to have ownership of their learning.  Students are encouraged to be creative and demonstrate mastery of content in a variety of means.  We continue to strive to grow as professionals as education and technology continue to change so that we can provide students an educational experience that prepares them for the outside world while also fostering an atmosphere that encourages students to run into our school.


Class of 2022 - 114 students took the ACT with an average score of 18.1

Class of 2023 - 109 students took the ACT with an average score of 16.9


Graduation Requirements

*Career Center students are exempt from the Fine Arts credit requirement

Advanced Placement Courses:

College Credit Plus Courses:

Grading System

Rank in Class

Grade Point Average (GPA) Calculation

Colleges Attended by Beaver Local Graduates from the Last Two Years


The following is an alphabetical list of sports offered at Beaver Local Schools

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OVAC Conference Championships

Buckeye 8 Conference Championships (Joined in 2014)

Beaver Local Wrestling earned a spot in the final four during the 2018-19 school year in the State Dual Wrestling Tournament

Athletic Facilities

The district is set up in a campus like style with students able to walk to most of the facilities in which they participate at Beaver Local.  The Mangano Athletic Complex is the primary facility for weightlifting and training for all sports.  The Beaver Local stadium is used for football games.  The field was recently updated due to the generous donation of alumni Jamin Pastore and Derek Wolfe.  The gymnasium inside the school building is used for basketball, volleyball and wrestling.  In addition, there are baseball, softball and soccer fields, tennis courts and a track.   Off-campus facilities include the Calcutta YMCA for swimming, Beaver Creek Meadows Golf Course for boys golf, Turkana Golf Course for girls golf and Tri-State Lanes for bowling.


Notable Alumni

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