EPICS Version 4 telecon, 15-Dec-2015


1. Use of SONAME for library versioning.

2. [pvDataCPP] new Thread::Config (#14) [2]

3. [pvDataCPP] header files in pv/ sub-directories (#15) [3]

[1] These minutes https://docs.google.com/document/d/1hM4j_sv-XLUqYU23YIVGCF7uASbdthjIjMxMCmI8y_Y/edit?usp=sharing

[2] https://github.com/epics-base/pvDataCPP/pull/14

[3] https://github.com/epics-base/pvDataCPP/issues/15


Present: MS, MD, DH, GW, RL, KK, MK

Scribe: GW

Chair: GW

NEW TOPIC: new Thread::Config (#14)

DH: Took a quick look. If MSs is happy I’m happy.

MS: Looked at it. Provides a nice and necessary thing. I would accept.

MD: This addition adds helpers for defining a thread, with parameters for defining and configuring a thread. Motivation is that in pvAccess the existing config didn’t give meaningful names when showing running threads, and making it easy to code new threads.

Consensus: proceed with merge

NEW TOPIC:  header files in pv/ sub-directories

DH: Does this involve moving every header file in every module?

MD: Yes:

DH: Well then I’m very much against it.

MD: ok, why - not user visible?

DH: true but it’s developer visible. This will compromise compare tool results, [because real functional changes will be obfuscated]. Wouldn’t mind if good justification.

MD: core issue the locations of include files in source tree doesn’t match the installed tree. Eg sharedPtr, is imported as pv/sharedPtr.h, but in source tree it’s in another directory, [maybe misc/].

MS: with current design you also need to be careful of filename clashes, since all includes go into one dir.

MD: True, but I’m not suggesting that the install dir name / structure should be changed

DH: so it doesn’t address duplicate header file names

MD: right, this suggestion doesn’t address conflicting names. Only the source tree dir would change.

MD: example: in qtCreator, it can’t - out of the box - find any of the header files. To make it work you need to make symlinks in every module src dir to the header file dir

Dh: so say in pvData:

bytebuffer.h and bytebuffer.cpp in src/factory/misc then .cpp stays in misc and .h goes into src/factory/misc/pv.

KK: There is a similar issue in Eclipse as in qtCreator.

MD: Maybe every IDE

DH/MK: If we are going to make this change, it’s big and we’ll have to coordinate.

MK: since I have many modules checked out,

MD: git will handle all of the merge - that is, the move of teh header files.

RL: [and GW] in theory but skeptical - but still not a show stopper

MK: if little work is being done in pvDataCPP, then let’s start in that module.

RL: Can MD do it in pvDataCPP and then tell us, so we can all each merge to see how it works.

Consensus: We’ll start to make the header files move in pvDataCPP, and see what effect it has on other developers.

DH: Happy to try this and see what happens - agree.

conclusion: So, MD will make the move of headers in his git - then notify people so we can pull from there to check it out.

NEW TOPIC: Use of SONAME for library versioning

RL: SONAME adds a version tag to a library, which helps runtime check that executable is using the right name of a library.

MD: It’s a modification to help EPICS users, not developers. … gives an example.  

KK: Does it require additional code?

RL: No, the dynamic linker does the check. [you only need an addition in the makefile that build the module]

GW: Check only major version number, allow API compatibility?

RL, MD: In C++, almost every change affects the binary interface (ABI). Need to match complete version number.

Consensus: Proceed.

RL: How should we proceed with each module? Should not be done differently in each module.

A common place in the makefiles to put in the version string.

AI on *MD*: Propose a pattern for including the version string.

MD: There will be 2 changes: setting the version number, then in downstream modules you tell it that it depends on upstream module.

NEW TOPIC: Outstanding pull request for RPC client code:

DH: presently, you can’t specify the pv request to a rpc. Like to add that. Has anyone looked.

MS: not looked, will do so and merge

NEW TOPIC: Mark’s priorities for V4

Mark wants send a response the priorities. V4 merged with base, more training, address people comparing unfavourably with 0mq and Tango.

Meeting ends: 8:43 am PST