Charting Out Your Courses


Creating a course planning guide is a great way to stay on track when getting your degree.  Over the next few years there will be a number of requirements you’ll need to fill and a large number of courses you’ll need to take.  If you start planning now, it’ll be easier to keep track of your progress and plan ahead for each upcoming semester.


For this assignment, you’ll create a course planning guide that will plan out each class you’ll need to take until you graduate.  This can be a four or five year plan, whichever fits best with you.  

Think about what classes are required and the different type of classes you’ll need to take.  Try to spread out the more difficult classes over a few semesters, and remember to take a variety of classes each semester, to lessen the workload.  

Look at the Course Catalogue to find classes that fulfill requirements and sound interesting.  

When you create your course plan, list out the COURSE NUMBER and NAME, do not put something generic like “upper division elective”.  

This assignment is an opportunity for you to explore what different courses are available to you and which ones sound interesting, so you have a plan for the future.

Use one of the two following templates when planning your courses:

Do not use another format to submit your course schedule.

Submit your assignment on the D2L dropbox folder.

Here is an example of what a semester should look like:

Fall 2016


COEN 1500: Intro to Engineering


GEEN 1400: Engineering Projects


APPM 1350: Calc 1


CSCI 1300: Intro to CS


HUEN 2020: Meaning of  Information Technology


Total Credits



Use the course requirements for each major to help you plan out the course load

Note: This course plan will change over the years, we recognize that.  However, creating a plan will help you plan for the next semester, and once you have a plan it can always be updated.