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Seeking a position where I can effectively apply my expertise in software development, as well as learn and collaborate with others to continue my growth and experience new technologies. I’m a highly independent abstract-problem solver, with experience in low-level systems programming, and a knack for being able to understand and document existing complex systems.


Developer Tools



C, C++, C#
Lua, JavaScript

Python, Shell

CMake, QMake, Xcode

Visual Studio, Qt Creator
CLion, Valgrind

Git, Mercurial, Perforce

Linear Algebra
Statistics, Probability

Calculus, Physics

Azure, Web Services

GTest, Build Automation
OpenGL, Compilers
Linux systems, ALSA

Work Experience

ArenaNet - Software Engineer

Sep ‘17 - Feb ‘19

Servicing & Support:

  • Quickly took ownership over the Guild Wars 2 MacOS client for continued support and servicing.
  • Improved performance of the MacOS client by a large margin; fixed numerous bugs and I/O issues.
  • Owned the servicing for large parts of the Guild Wars 2 codebase (core engine, graphics, major tools, etc.)
  • Fixed complex content pipeline and graphics-hardware related issues (OpenGL and DirectX9).

Communication & Collaboration:

  • Self-motivated to handle task triaging and work item organization for planning and review.
  • Collaborated with other teams to provide service and support for tools that artists and designers used.
  • Communicated effectively through internal blogs, detailed technical write-ups, and documentation.
  • Tailored cross-discipline communication towards the target audience (artists, designers, QA, leads, etc).

Microsoft - Software Engineer

Jun ‘15 - Sep ‘17

Build & Packaging:

  • Working with Azure technologies to enable internal services (Cloud Storage, REST APIs, Automation).
  • Deployed planned and hotfixed changes under multiple environments for our internal packaging system.
  • Designed and implemented an API for tracking and reporting packaging payloads (C#, SQL Server).
  • Delegated and gave feedback on multiple features based on payload API (design, review, feedback).

Data & Analytics:

  • Crunched large amounts of data for processing and visualization (SQL, U-SQL, KendoUI).
  • Built extensions for missing features in existing tools (U-SQL extensions, C# applications).
  • Designed, architected, and maintained several general-purpose, high-impact data streams.
  • Made servicing decisions based on the results of the data sets (filed bugs, monitored releases).

Open Source

KASM - A Virtual Microprocessor Assembler and Simulator

  • Designed and developed a virtual microprocessor based on 6502 (cycle-accurate simulation).
  • Created  a custom instruction set for the circuit, and as such a custom assembler to assemble with.

OpenSK - Open-Source Cross-Platform Sound Toolkit

  • Designed and developed an API for low-level sound library abstraction (ALSA, WASM, Core Audio).
  • Iterated on API specifications as more intricacies of the abstraction become apparent.


DigiPen Institute of Technology - Redmond, WA

Bachelors of Science in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation

  • Magna Cum Laude, Student of the Year (2014), Dean’s List

Aug ‘11 - May ’15