DIGITIZATION FEES        (current as of November 2018)

Researchers who visit the archives may take photographs for personal reference without charge using their own equipment. Researchers are not permitted to photocopy or scan materials themselves. Handheld scanners are not permitted.

For Non-New School researchers

The New School Archives charges $30 per item (page of two-dimensional text or image) to scan materials 11” x 17” or smaller. Items larger than 11” x 17” are outsourced to a vendor, and the total cost is passed along to the requesting researcher, with an additional 20% administrative fee to cover handling. All bound items are out-sourced and will incur additional dis-binding charges as set by vendor in addition to the 20% fee.

For multi-page textual documents, the first page scanned is $30 and each page thereafter is $2. The New School Archives does not scan entire theses or dissertations.

For New School researchers

Up to 10 scans are provided free of charge per project to New School-affiliated individuals engaged in research, including for theses, dissertations, class projects/assignments, lectures, presentations, exhibitions and personal reference/inspiration. New School-affiliated individuals may be charged administrative fees for requests requiring special handling.  After 10 scans, the New School Archives begins charging its regular rates for non-New School researchers, as described above.

New School instructors may request class readings to be scanned without charge by presenting a syllabus with the requested item listed under required readings.

The maximum number of scans fulfilled per person is 50 items (pages) per week.

Audiovisual digitization

Audiovisual digitization costs are calculated by length, at $50 per 30 minutes, in increments of $50, with minutes rounded up. Reformatting costs (including audio cassettes, VHS tapes, and born-digital recordings) are calculated based on labor and fees set by external vendors, which are variable and subject to change. These requests will also incur an additional 20% administrative fee.

Transfers of electronic files from optical disks (CDs, DVDs) will be done free of charge if no other digital processing is required. At the discretion of the archives, small numbers of audio cassettes and VHS tapes may occasionally be digitized in-house free of charge.

Payment in full is required before orders are initiated. We accept cash, check or credit card. We do not accept print credits at this time.

Turnaround for digitization requests

Turnaround times vary depending on request. Most requests will be processed in a minimum of 5 business days from the date The New School Archives receives payment. For large or complex orders, or for other reasons, it may take up to two weeks (10 business days) or more to fulfill orders.

Rush orders for next business day completion are accepted at The New School Archives and Special Collections' discretion and will incur a flat $50 rush fee, in addition to basic scanning charges. Materials requiring special handling, including but not limited to oversize materials (larger than 11” x 17”) and audiovisual recordings, may incur additional charges to those indicated above based upon the labor involved to fulfill the order--these jobs may take longer to fulfill than 10 business days.


If you wish to obtain high-resolution files from the archives for use in any context that constitutes publishing, The New School requires you to complete an agreement before we supply files. There are no licensing or permission fees for use of any resources from The New School Archives' holdings for which The New School does not own the copyright. For holdings owned by The New School, licensing or permissions fees may be applied, at the discretion of The New School Archives.

Contact The New School Archives at archivist@newschool.edu for more information, to place a request, or to inquire about obtaining estimates.