TOTAL: £71,492.50

MERCY CORPS: £44,329

In Mongolia, Mercy Corps projects aim to reach out and improve the lives of many rural communities and vulnerable groups living in extremely harsh conditions.

Where the money went...

The money raised from the Mongol Derby will fund Mercy Corps projects that support the establishment and growth of small businesses operating in remote areas with very limited opportunities.

Find out more about Mercy Corps' work in Mongolia

Find out more about Mercy Corps

Below are a few of the charities that the teams have raised money for on top of the official adventure charities.

Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Campaign:
£12,766 raised by Charlotte Davison

The Royal Marsden Cancer Campaign supports the work of The Royal Marsden, raising money to help the hospital stay at the leading edge of cancer treatment, research and care.

Where the money went...

The funds are being spent in particular on research into the early diagnosis of pancreas cancer.

Find out more about Royal Marsden Hospital Cancer Campaign

Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT):
£6,608.50 raised by Jeremy Pemberton

Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust (ACT) is the charity for Addenbrooke's Hospital and its associated hospitals. ACT's objective is to support and promote the work of the hospitals for the benefit of patients and staff, by raising extra funds to enhance services, facilities and research.

Where the money went...

Charitable donations have contributed to funds in most departments. The money has been used to buy new, high-tech equipment, pay for additional staff, contribute to environmental enhancements and has gone towards research to help improve the understanding of conditions and find possible cures.

Find out more about Addenbrooke's Charitable Trust

Help For Heroes:
£7,789.00 raised by Annelie Simmons

Help for Heroes raises money to support members of the Armed Forces who have been wounded in the service of their country. They ask their supporters to do their bit to show these extraordinary young men and women that they are cared for.

Where the money went...

Help for Heroes strives towards 100% effectiveness so that for every £1 donated, £1 will go directly to helping wounded Servicemen and women. They spend every penny possible on making grants that aim to provide practical, direct support for the wounded.

Find out more about Help for Heroes


TOTAL:  £33,240.24

Top Fundraisers:

£7,148.00 - by Sophie de Selliers for Mercy Corps

£6,831.10 - by Susi Sadler for Operation Smile

£2,515.00 - by Hilary Ponti for Mercy Corps and AVSF

MERCY CORPS: £22,757.00

Where the funds were spent:

The money raised for Mercy Corps from the 2010 Mongol Derby was used to help fund small business expansion projects in Mongolia, particularly focusing on helping rural herders and young people develop life skills through entrepreneurship training and advice.

AVSF: £1,877.64

Where the funds were spent:

AVSF's emergency response to herders left in dire circumstances during the dzud was an exceptional measure as AVFS in Mongolia isn't a relief agency, but works on long term development programs sponsored by the EU.

A total of 11000 Euros were used for humanitarian assistance during the dzud period between the months of January and February 2010, in order to deliver fodder to herders involved in AVSF current project.

9941 Euros were provided through the "Unexpected Financial Provisions" allocated to AVSF for their EU funded project.  Of this 7403 Euros was used to buy fodder and 2538 Euros to meet transportation costs for ger to ger delivery. Of the 2200 Euros donated by "The Adventurists", 1174 Euros were used to buy fodder and 1026 Euros to buy milk powder.

In Bayankhongor aimag: 51,5 tons of fodder for animals were distributed to 1207 families in 2 different sums - Jinst and Bogd. Fodder provided included "Khorgoljin" and "Khiveg".

This quick relief response was possible thanks to the efficient network of herders and veterinarians developed by AVSF along the past years.

In Arkhangai aimag: the relief assistance was implemented by the Federation of Herders of Arkhangai Aimag, an association created by AVSF 5 years ago which brings together more than 850 famillies organised in groups called GDS (Groupements de Défense Sanitaire or Sanitation Defense Groups). 18,4 tons of "Khorgoljin" have been distributed to herder families in 9 different sums.


TOTAL: £90,512.50

Top Fundraisers:

£62,439.50 - by Owen & Rose Patterson for The Royal Irish Regiment Benevolent Fund and The Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries

£2,829.00 - by Jason Tse        for Mercy Corps

£2,720.00 - by Tyga Helme for Mercy Corps and Riding for the Disabled

MERCY CORPS: £25,000

Where the funds were spent:

The money raised for Mercy Corps from the 2011 Mongol Derby will fund small business expansion projects in Mongolia, particularly focusing on helping rural herders and young people develop life skills through entrepreneurship training and advice.

Top fundraisers for Mercy Corps:

£2,829.00 - by Jason Tse

£1,903.00 - by Tyga Helme

$2,953.00 - by Sophia Mangalee


Total Raised: £65,512.50

Top Fundraisers:

£62,439.50 - by Owen & Rose Patterson         for The Royal Irish Regiment Benevolent Fund and The Midlands Centre for Spinal Injuries

£1.050.00 - by Tyga Helme for Riding for the Disabled

£1,000.00 - by Sarah Chenevix-Trench for Ambitious about Autism


TOTAL: £70,219

Top Fundraisers:

£18,818.39 - by Sam Wyborn for The Fred Hollows Foundation

£13,197.28 - by Simon Pearce and Craig Springate for Right to Sight South Africa and Mercy Corps

£11,168 - by Lucy Yorke-Long and Jessica Russell for War Child

£10,271.04 - by Killoran and Fahy for The Injured Jockeys Fund


MERCY CORPS: £11,306.61

Top fundraisers for Mercy Corps:

£2,385.11 - by Sonja Timani

£1,374 - by Katherine Friedley

£1,236 - by Julie Youngblood

Where the funds were spent:

This year the funds raised will be used to stimulate economic growth and social inclusion within rural regions of Mongolia. These areas are home to some of the country’s poorest communities. The Mongol Derby projects aim to support rural small and medium enterprises to assist them to expand their businesses, diversify their activities and to enhance local market chains. Every penny raised will be helping to support this programme to improve lives.




TOTAL: £67,756.30

Top Fundraisers:

£25,071.03 - by Lara Prior-Palmer for Cool Earth, Macmillan Cancer Support and Greenhouse

£12,509.73 - by Alex Embiricos for The Bob Champion Cancer Trust

£10,625.08 - by Clare Twemlow for Spinal Research

COOL EARTH: £6,260.25

Top fundraisers for Cool Earth

£1,234.28 - by Hannah Bronwin

£909.15 - by Martin Bertsch

£865.44 - by Tamara Huddleston

Where the funds were spent:

As the official charity of the Adventurists, Cool Earth works alongside indigenous villages to halt rainforest destruction.

The Derbyists this year supported funds for Cool Earth’s Ashaninka Project. Situated in the Rio Ené Valley of central Peru, the region is one of Peru’s worst deforestation hotspots. Cool Earth is working with fifteen Ashaninka villages to ensure rainforest protection goes hand in hand with better lives – empowering them to be in the position where they can turn away the loggers.

The 2013 Mongol Derby supported Cool Earth’s Saving Rainforest – Strengthening Lives campaign. This is bringing access to healthcare for the 15 villages in the project. Of these, 14 have no medical facilities and the nearest hospital is more than 10 hours travel from the closest community. With half of Peru’s indigenous population dying before they reach 40 years-old and with infant mortality twice the national average, this will make a real difference to the lives of Cool Earth’s indigenous partners.



This year’s Derbyists saved 24,238 rainforest trees. These trees are some of the most sought after in the world – with prized species such as mahogany, cedar, capirona and tornillo. This will have locked in over 26,000 tonnes of CO2.

What’s more, the way Cool Earth works is by forming shields of forest to make neighbouring forest inaccessible to loggers. The forest saved by this year’s Mongol Derby is forming a protective shield to safeguard more than 240,000 rainforest trees.

From all at Cool Earth -  a huge thank you for the world saving difference that you are making.



The Reports: Mongol Derby

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