RIC / LUC Fellowship 2016

Loyola University Chicago and the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) are offering a fellowship to one Loyola undergraduate, and one graduate student, to work in collaboration with the following lab groups at RIC over the Summer and Fall 2016


For Summer and Spring 2016, students will work in RIC as part of the Rehabilitation Technologies and Outcomes lab under the guidance of Prof. Mark V. Albert in collaboration with Prof Jayaraman and Prof Kording. Over the Summer they will be a part of the RIC summer internship program along with ~40 other students, and in the Fall they are expected to continue their work part-time, receiving independent study course credit for their efforts. The undergraduate award ($10k) and the graduate award ($12k) are to support the time spent on these research efforts.

Application form: 

The application form is available here. In addition to basic questions you are asked to provide a link to your CV/Resume and provide a short (max 100 word) statement of interest.

Application Timeline: