Massachusetts Institute of Technology

6.805 - STS.085/STS.487 - Foundations of Internet Policy - Fall 2017

Class meetings: Thursday 1-4  Room 66-168

Instructors: Weitzner, Fischer, Edelman

Communication instructors: Stickgold-Sarah, Trice

TA: Alex LaGrassa

Click on the individual weeks below to see the overview and the assignments for each class, including the assignment to be completed as preparation before the class.

Each student will participate in writing a large-scale research & writing project with others in the class. Here is a full list of project topics and milestones with due dates.

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Note that there is an assignment due on Sept. 6, which is before the first class.



Writing Assignment due

Research project milestones


Pre-semester assignment due before the first class: Before Sept. 6 at 11:59PM

See  Assignment 0 on the page for Week 1 for details and turn-in instructions.  

1: Sept 7

Introduction to Internet Law and Architecture 

0: Mainstream Marketing brief (9/6)

Introduce project topics

2: Sept 14

Internet Freedom of Expression

1: Policy Analysis Memo on Obama's Signals Intelligence Speech (9/12)

2: Read and brief Reno v. ACLU  (9/12)

Students express topic preferences

3: Sept 21

Internet Intermediary Liability; mock Congressional hearing

3: OECD policy analysis memo (9/19)

4: Congressional hearing writing assignments (9/21)

Topics and groups assigned HERE

4: Sept 28

Fourth Amendment Fundamentals

5: Team Plan

Communication workshop #1

9/29: Team Plan due

5: Oct 5

Electronic Surveillance, Internet Data and Pervasive Sensor Networks

Communication workshop #2

6: Oct 12

Consumer Privacy Protection in the United States

Communication workshop #3

7: Oct 19

Privacy Across Borders

6: Project proposal (due 10/17)

6a: Global Privacy: People or places

Communication workshop #4

10/17: Project Proposal due

8: Oct 26

Moot court on new surveillance methods

Communication workshop #5

Assignment 6b: Moot court brief/questions

9: Nov 2

Cybersecurity - domestic

 7: First Draft (due 11/4)

(in class presentations by each project group)

7a. Cybersecurity assignment

Communication workshop #6

11/4: First draft due

10: Nov 9

Cybersecurity - global

Communication workshop #7

11: Nov 16

Copyright fundamentals and online challenges

8: SOPA Memo

Thanksgiving (Nov 23-24)

9: Complete draft (11/28)

12: Nov 30

Digital Platforms: Competition, Global Markets & Regulation

No writing assignment

11/28: Full draft due

13: Dec 7

Final project presentations

10: Final Draft

Thursday 12/7: Final draft due at 11:59pm

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