Health is a one-semester class filled with great learning.  We’ll be learning about the following topics:

stress                        decision-making                mental health and resources

responsibility                body image                        eating disorders

substance abuse        refusal skills                        healthy relationships

setting limits                relationship changes                managing relationships

maturation                abstinence                        sexually transmitted diseases

HIV/AIDS                civility                                communication

problem-solving        suicide prevention                safety (including online safety)

media                        emergency information        first aid

nutrition                fitness                                dietary guidelines

Our maturation and diseases portions of the class are Jordan District approved and abstinence-based programs for learning about maturation and other healthy lifestyle decisions. A parent permission slip regarding this curriculum is sent home with the student. Students will also be taking home Parents In The Know notes throughout the semester.  This will give students and parents many opportunities to discuss health-related topics together.  These require a parent discussion and signature.

We may take the opportunity to watch the educational versions of either the movie Supersize Me, Food Inc., or Fed-Up during our study of nutrition.  These award-winning movies explore issues related to healthy eating and provide valuable discussion points.  The documentaries have been edited and enhanced for use in the classroom and are rated PG.  Parents, please email the teacher directly if you prefer your student not watch these movies.  An alternative activity will be provided.

Health is a valuable class, and it is our hope that students learn a lot and have an enjoyable experience.