This page is a biography of the web page’s author. Refer to this page if you’re curious about her.

Beth was born in Orlando, Florida on September 20, 1986. She was raised in a small town and did not get the opportunities to originally learn to code. She also did not receive very much emotional support from her family. Beth has been blinded since birth, when her mother did not get her immunization for German measles quite right. On the whole, there were good things and bad things that occurred, but due to the challenges of her family, Beth left for Colorado in May 2010. Part of the graduating class of 2005, in a small town school class of maybe 500 kids, Beth was supposed to have completed a Bachelor’s in music education, but was unable to complete coursework due to family and service problems. Her family frequently robbed her of her independence and dignity, and she is currently living in Denver because of this.

The website known as was born out of her pride and love of her personal brand. She has recently coded the site so that others can connect with her through a few simple clicks. You can find her Facebook and Twitter sites on this page. She plans to marry and have a family, live a normal life.

Any support can go directly to her through her website, and don’t forget to say hi.